Friday, February 13, 2015

Mormon Geeks Pinterest! (AKA how Joe uses a majority of his time)

I didn't think I had any problem with Pinterest, until I noticed that my board, Stuff From a Mormon Geek, reached 900 pins this week. I figured that was impressive, and while I seek help for internet addiction I want to share with the uninitiated the wonders and delights of Pinterest. Following are 25 of my favorite Mormon Geeks pins. Click here to see the full board, and don't forget to follow us!

The Empire wouldn't run if everyone hated them, so I figured they'res got to be some promotional material somewhere. I love this because it's so 1940's pin-up. 

I doubt this is what Elder Anderson was talking about, but I would die to hear a conference where Disney was referenced directly. 

Say what you want about the prequel trilogy, this painting is beautiful and has a sense of reverence to it. 

He knows it wouldn't do her any good. She knows it wouldn't do her any good. He knows she knows it wouldn't do her any good. Why did she do it anyway? My money is that the next moment Batman smirked. 

Let's face it: With that thing he could still take down half the thugs in Star City. 

This is one of my favorite backgrounds. I love that Marvel has a character that routinely breaks the fourth wall. 

I swear you could rehabilitate hardened inmates with this thing...

I've been there doing so many things... Reading, video games, sleeping...

I love how his ears are pulled back. I think he's really concentrating. 

This is what you get when you join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Spidey. 

This is Zatanna in a modest costume. This artist did a whole series of female modest outfits but Zatanna is one of my overall favorite characters so I had to put her here. 

The idea here is what if Star Wars was an 80's John Hugh's movie? For those who don't know, that's the guy who made Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club and Ferris Buhler's Day Off. This artist also has a whole series on my board and I love every one. 

If anyone was going to cosplay as Firefly it would be these two. 

Pintrest is for fans to discuss their theories and the nit-picky little things they've noticed. Mother Gothel is a perfect example. 

Of all my boards this pin seems to be the one that's repinned the most. The color is perfect. The imagery for Raven is perfect. What can I say, it's the most popular for a reason. 

This one was so cute it's the cover for my board. Poor C3PO. Dream high buddy. 

Tell me this wouldn't be the best theme party ever-Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom dinner, complete with monkey brain dessert. 

Not many people could cosplay as Appa and make it work. Stitch's extra arms helps immensely with that. 

Just melt your heart right here. 

Joss Whedon is such a brilliant mind. I love everything about this, THEY EVEN HAVE DR.HORRIBLE!!!

This was my wife's cake for one of her bridal showers. It was so beautiful it brought us both to tears. 

May the waffles be ever in your favor. 

What if they made storybooks based on the video games we play? I would let my child read them. 

What happy thought would you have to think to conjure this?

If you've never seen Supernatural, what are you doing with your life? 

Are you a Pinterest fan? Let us know what your favorite pins are!

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