Wednesday, February 4, 2015

DC's TV Multiverse-too much?

So I spent the last weekend in Disneyland celebrating my birthday so I have nothing to say on Fan X or the Super Bowl.

So let me tell you what I've been thinking about...

Yesterday I read the confirmed hero list for TNT's new TV series called Titans, a show based on one of my favorite super hero teams the Teen Titans. Normally something like this would get my little geek heart just palpitating, but between everything else DC has been putting out on TV I'm having trouble caring.

As of now DC has four live-action shows. On WB they have Arrow and it's spin off The Flash, and on Fox we have Gotham and on NBC we have

Constantine. At this point though they're taking place in three separate universes,  the Gotham universe, the Constantine universe and the Arrow/Flash universe. The Titans thing will make a fourth entirely separate universe, so I ask you: Who or why would you try to keep up with all this? I can barely keep up with shows on my Netflix much less four new shows a week, and I can watch those anytime. And if someone manages to keep up with all four shows, what happens when a character appears in more than one series? Nightwing is confirmed for the Titans and it's hard to have Nightwing without Batman who is currently 12 in Gotham. Speedy is one of the founding members of the Teen Titans so can they use him if he's over in Arrow?

The other question I have to ask is where is this going to end? Is DC going to follow their weird obsession with the number 52 and take over TV with DC characters?

If that's the case here are some suggestions for new DC TV shows.

A reality prank show where Harley Quinn goes to birthday parties, weddings, funerals and other formal gatherings and messes everything up with her giant hammer and hyenas.

*Extreme Home Makeover: Doomsday Edition
Families showcase their insufficient homes on TV and are then sent to Disneyland while Doomsday comes and destroys their house. The rest of the episode is authorities trying to aprehend Doomsday before he destroys the city.

*Law and Order: Gotham City
Four detectives in Gotham spend their days watching Youtube videos while Batman goes and does their job.

*Power Girl and the City
Power Girl and her three girlfriends, Zatanna, Starfire, and Black Canary try to make their way in love in New York, while buying fabulously inappropriate outfits and stopping crime.

*Riddle Me This!
A game show hosted by the Riddler where contestants must make their way through Saw-like death traps and nearly impossible riddles. Winners receive fabulous prizes and losers families get gift baskets.

*The Biggest Loser Penguin Edition
Another game show where contestants compare their terrible lives to a man who based his criminal identity on the fact that he looks like a penguin.

*Who Wants to Marry a Severely Damaged Millionaire?
Like Who Wants To Marry A Millionaire but the women get to argue as to weather they want to marry a man who can't connect emotionally and dresses as a giant bat. Later seasons will include Lex Luthor, Oliver Queen and Ras Al Guhl.

*Fun Time with Green Lantern
Green Lantern makes a kid friendly TV show using only constructs and his own voice. Kids watching for too long will lose the ability to see color.

*Late Night with The Joker!
Much like Jay Leno only the horrible celebrities that the Joker brings on get made fun of then dropped into acid at the end of the show.

What super heroes do you want to see get a TV show or do you think we already have too many?


  1. JLA Hero House: Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent, Diana Prince and others trying to live in a house for a while.

  2. We had this discussion on a panel I was on for FanX. DC might continue to make more TV shows using their characters, just like Marvel might mix superheroes with Disney movies. They *could* do a lot of things, and they might.

    But the question they should first ask themselves is if they *should.* As a fan, I agree with you that superheroes lose some of their novelty, and thus the power over fans, the minute they lose their unique edge. As soon as they are just one of many, none of them will continue to be a spectacular success.

    Great thoughts! Thanks for sharing them.

  3. I just want to see Young Justice come back. I'm glad that all the Marvel TV shows and movies exist in the same universe. For them to maintain the consistency is pretty impressive too.