Sunday, February 8, 2015

Stephen's Intergalactic Sci-fi Speed Dating!

Hello my fellow mormons. Hello my fellow geeks. Hello my fellow mormon geeks!

I know it has been too long since you last heard from this ginger. I have been away creating worlds and crafting characters. (Basically, busy with school and using video games to relax in between projects.) I have so much to share and need to catch you up on my adventures!

This week is about my adventure in speed dating at FanX! “Speed dating at a convention?” you ask me. I know, the idea seems bizarre, right? I went in along with two friends to see what could happen. Each bachelor and bachelorette are given 3 minutes to know one another before the fellas rotate to meet someone new. You’re each given a number and if you like the person you write down their number on your index card. At the end, you go to a sheet matching the number of the person you’re interested in and leave your name, number, and email.

Simple enough to follow, right? I did speed dating once as part of a YSA stake event. It was fun. Would I be more comfortable in a situation where everyone is in a safe-to-be-a-geek place? How would the two experiences be different? Also, do I need to have someone in my life that appreciates the same obsessions and passions as I do?

Honestly, I couldn’t tell much of a difference. I met a lot of really cool girls. Many of them would make awesome friends even if I wasn’t interested in looking into something romantic. I’m comfortable with who I am and my nerdy things. I’m just as likely to talk about them at a YSA event as I am at a convention. It was interesting to meet girls that were LDS and were not. I even met a few girls who didn’t have any nerdy interests.

I was really only interested in 3 girls I met that night. When I got my paper back, I had a list of 10 numbers or so but none of them were the 3 girls I found interest in. Was I hurt? Annoyed? Angry? Nope. I laughed at the irony. How much can you get to know someone in 3 minutes to decide whether you’re interested or not? And though, I would certainly like to share common interests with my future wife, that’s not the only thing that makes a lasting relationship.

As interested as I may have been in those three girls, there was really only one girl that I was interested in and she wasn’t at sci fi speed dating. We met at blues dancing (a future blog post on that) and spent time with one another at FanX. That night we left FanX and went to Provo with the intention to go blues dancing. We talked in her car at my house. We talked about our mutual interest in one another and why that was scary. It felt like a relief to know it was scary for her too. We had some time so we decided to snuggle and watch a movie. We skipped blues dancing and decided to instead enjoy one another’s company.

Though I thought speed dating was fun, the best “date” that night wasn’t at speed dating. It was with the girl I met at blues. I found that we may share common interests and it’s only part of our developing relationship. She left that night to go home and I found myself wishing she lived closer and it wasn’t because she likes to play video games too. I don’t know where our relationship will go but I’m looking forward to it.

I don’t know if common interests are a must in a relationship. They are definitely nice. I do know that finding someone I can communicate so well with has helped me get over a lot of anxieties. I’m finding that I value being able to communicate more than a mutual love for Dungeons and Dragons.

Thanks for reading friends. Hope you appreciate my adventure in dating!


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