Thursday, January 29, 2015

FanX Starts Today!

Today marks the start of the second annual Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience. And as with Salt Lake Comic Con and FanX in the past, Mormon Geeks will be there to cover the convention.

In addition to local artists, authors and creators that have been there for past events, this year will feature celebrities such as Christopher Lloyd, Carrie Fisher, Matt Smith, Brandon Routh, Tom Felton, Felicia Day and many others.

If you'll be attending for the first time, or would just like some pointers for how to make sure you have a great experience, be sure to read Joe's post on how to survive FanX:

And if there's anything you'd like Mormon Geeks to cover at FanX, let us know. Stephen, T.J. and I will all be there (Joe and Andrew will not, as they have escaped to DisneyLand for the weekend). And while we will certainly be spending some time having fun geeking out, we're there to cover what's going on.

So if you see us at FanX, be sure to say hi. And may it be a truly awesome experience for all involved!

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