Monday, June 3, 2013

Dynamic Duos

With a title like that I could go so many different directions. I could talk about. And initially, I was gonna take this to a certain set of movies. Instead, that'll be a later post. Today, I'm gonna talk about some of my favorite dynamic duos from TV shows and movies.

Before I go through my list, I had to make a difference between two similar ideas. That's Dynamic Duos and Bosom Buddies. There's a difference to me. There are some relationships on here that are both. But there's a difference between them. A Dynamic Duo have two (from duo) distinct (from dynamic) personalities. Where Bosom Buddies are BFFs who play off one another, Dynamic Duos use their separate ideas and concepts to battle for something else. Dynamic Duos can easily be Bosom Buddies, but these concepts aren't the same. Power Couples are also considered a different category. I highly anticipate blogging about both those other similar ideas later, and probably some crossover from post to post.

Without further garbling, here are my top 10 dynamic duos

10. Frodo & Sam (Lord of the Rings): I wasn't sure I was going to put them on this list. There's something about Frodo & Sam that classify them as Bosom Buddies. However, they have a cause that they collectively fight for, which makes them a Dynamic Duo. Frodo is charged with taking a powerful ring to Mordor. Sam is charged with keeping Frodo safe. What makes them Bosom Buddies is that they went through their own personal hell in order to get there. So they're Dynamic Duo trait comes from the time they leave the shire to the time they get back. They have to fight and survive a lot in order to accomplish their goal.

9. Shawn & Gus (Psych): Shawn is a dork. Gus is a nerd. They're definitely BFFs, but they also work well together to solve mysteries with Santa Barbara's finest (or not finest) detectives. Shawn does all these quirky, over the top performances to prove the guilt of murderers, and Gus is there to make sure Shawn doesn't go too far into it. Also, Shawn is like the world's worst wingman for Gus.

8. Robin Hood & Little John (Robin Hood): Go know you want to sing it. "Robin Hood and Little John walkin' through the forest, laughin' back and forth at what the other'ne has to say." Or there's the other one..."We're men. We're men in tight, (high voice) TIGHT, tights." Whichever one you want to go with, Robin Hood and Little John are a powerful duo. They know what they're doing and work off one another's strengths quite well.

7. Cobb & Arthur (Inception): My wife still hasn't seen this movie and to be honest, it is one of my favorites. It is said when Christopher Nolan wrote this script, he created a character for a different part in filmmaking: Cobb was the director and Arthur was the producer. And after reading that, it made even more sense. You have to have a director to lead, but you need a producer backing up the director. Even though Cobb is interested in his freedom and Arthur is wanting the money (but also technically to not die as well as help his friend), they're aim of implanting an idea is consistent. They work as a team and definitely use one another's strengths as well as challenge one another in their job. I like their friendship, it's professional, yet personal.

6. Kirk & Spock (Star Trek): It would be illogical for me to not include this great duo. Kirk was the emotional leader with Spock keeping him grounded. Both in the original Star Trek series and through the movies, Kirk and Spock work/fight together in order to accomplish mutual goals.

5. Gilligan & the Skipper (Gilligan's Island): After a sucky 3-hour tour, all they wanted to do was get off an island. Instead, they kept getting stuck there. Whether a stupid mistake or someone else's greed, they were just stuck. Gilligan & the Skipper are almost the antithesis of a Dynamic Duo, but they still work together to get themselves off the island.

4. Carter & Henry (Eureka): Not the most popular show. And some people would argue that these two don't classify as a Dynamic Duo, but I say they do. Henry and Carter are best friends, but they're more than that. Carter is the dumbest person in a town full of geniuses. But what Carter lacks in intelligence, he more than makes up for in wisdom. Henry is not only one of the smartest, he is also one of the wisest. Without Carter and Henry, the town of Eureka would probably have been destroyed by a nuclear bomb.

3. Batman & Robin (Batman Franchise): Oh duh! Like I would omit THE Dynamic Duo. Yeah, there are 2 I rank higher than the "original". But I definitely gotta pay respect to good ol' Batman & Robin. Robin defines sidekick. He is the person that Batman needs to help him through most situations. Without Robin, Batman is a solitary dark knight, which fits the persona just fine. But with Robin, Batman becomes a team player who sees his weaknesses from being alone. Or you can disagree with me like Joe probably will.

2. Picard & Riker (Star Trek: The Next Generation): These two are actually a reversal of Kirk & Spock in a way. Riker is the emotional/lady chaser and Picard is the stiff "by-the-books" leader. But as a team, they've always got one another's backs. Picard trusts Riker to do the right thing, and vice-versa. Picard picked Riker to be the commander on the Enterprise. Riker chooses to stay despite being offered a ship multiple times throughout the show.

1. Leonard & Sheldon (BBT): Yes, Big Bang Theory is one of my all-time favorite TV shows. These Gilligan & the Skipper make an anti-Dynamic Duo. But they are still a team. Their cause is science. Or maybe it's to get the audience to laugh. But honestly, Sheldon calls Leonard his best friend, mostly because a) it's a logical choice and b) Sheldon probably wouldn't survive without Leonard, even if he won't admit it. But what makes this one of my favorite Dynamic Duos is that they are exactly that: dynamic. Their personalities collide and Leonard just gives up because he knows it's not worth fighting someone who, as he put it, is "one lab accident away" from being a supervillain.

And remember: Alien abductions are involuntary.

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