Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Confessions of a Fanboy

Me corrupting my niece Bella early... :)
I know I’ve admitted this several times before, but I am a card-carrying fanboy, which is pretty much a fangirl but with a lot more shame. The fact is: I get excited about things I like. Sometimes it’s normal (Batman) and sometimes it’s stuff I should’ve never known about (Monster High), but either way fanboys and girls fall deeply in love with their subject matter.
All that being said, it’s no surprise that two videos in the last month have made me cry.
Yes, I’m pathetic.
First is this tribute to Disney Animation. As my massive report on my trip to Disneyland demonstrated I am a massive Disney geek, and being a kid who saw The Little Mermaid and Lion King in theaters, a tribute to the animation just brings out my inner child like nothing else can.
Next is a bit more recent. Another tribute video, this consists of other fanboys and girls gushing about DC’s latest cancellation of both the Green Lantern series and Young Justice. Now I was a major fan of Young Justice since it prominently featured some of my favorite yet sadly obscure heroes, namely Superboy, Zatanna and Captain Marvel. If they’d thrown Harley Quinn in somewhere I probably would’ve had the logo tattooed on my back. The first season won several awards but after an unusually long sabbatical the second season took place five years later from the first, and while the overarching story was a bit slow interest was at least present for what the characters were going through now. Sadly it was abruptly cancelled to be replaced with Teen Titans Go, a pandering Muppet Babies wanna-be. Now while I don’t think this video will actually get DC to bring back Young Justice or Green Lantern, I consider it a very touching tribute to the shows as well as to super heroes in general and what they mean to their fans.
Being a Fanboy means that while I get teased about a lot I also get the chance to fall in love over and over again with different creations and characters, all while being old enough to understand their significance to me on an intellectual level. I’m the guy who defends Monster High as more than just a Barbie knock-off and declares any one Monster High character to have more personality and depth than Barbie ever had, and I’m kinda proud of that. As embarrassing as it is to say some of this stuff makes me cry, I’ll also say that it’s better than not feeling anything and just living life in a shallow vacuum of emptiness that most of society seems to be pushing men towards…. Wait, that’s another blog for another day… J


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