Monday, November 19, 2012

Alexis Carrington, A Different Kind of Catwoman

Something that I am going to do is create a cast of characters from popular TV shows (and maybe movies) to recreate the villains for Batman. Why? First, I really like saying "what if So-and-so was on Such-and-such-tv-show?" It's a fun geeky game. And second, I couldn't find any other way to write this fanboy post that Joe challenged me to do and tie it to Mormon Geeks.

Welcome to April 20, 1981. It is over 8 months before the oldest Mormon Geek is actually born. It is an age when prime time soap operas are popular. Enter Vincent Duke and Aaron Spelling's new hit Dynasty. Like CBS's Dallas, ABC's Dynasty is about a wealthy oil tycoon (Blake Carrington), a new-to-the-riches bride (Crystal Jennings), the tycoon's kids (Stephen and Fallon), his friends (Jeff Colby and technically Claudia Blaisdel), and of course, his enemies (Cecil Colby and Matthew Blaisdel).

Now, this isn't the date of its premier. No, it's the date of its first season finale. Blake is on trial for murder and the prosecutors bring in a surprise character witness. The episode (and season) ends with a thin woman dressed in black and white (if it'd been polka dots, she'd have been Cruella De Vil) walking into the courtroom being revealed as Blake Carrington's ex-wife.

Fast-forward a few months (and a few casting calls) and Joan Collins is portraying one of the most memorable villains in the 80s. Now, there are no superheroes on a soap opera (there are evil twins, people who just won't die, and an unending supply of money). On the other hand, there are super villains (who have used money to their advantage) and Alexis Carrington was one of them.

If Alexis Carrington lived in Gotham she'd have been Catwoman...well...probably Cougarwoman, but you get the picture. Alexis Carrington wanted money...all of it. And she had very good methods of doing so. Where Catwoman would steal, Alexis would manipulate. Put Alexis in Gotham City and Bruce Wayne would be broke, outed out as Batman, and living with Dick Grayson in a small, run-down apartment in Metropolis wishing to be as cool as Superman.

Now here we have the beautiful Julie Newmar as Catwoman in the 1960s Batman TV show. Now de-age Alexis a bit, put the ears and faux-leather on her and boom, instant Catwoman. (If I knew how to photoshop, I would do what I can to make that happen.)

So, Joe and I have a few things in common. We're both fairly short. Neither of us will be mistaken as being anorexic. We love Carrie Underwood and Catwoman. And by all means, we both think Alexis Carrington is awesome. Yes, Joe told me that since I'm being authentic here about liking a prime-time soap opera character, that he willingly will admit it too.

Tune in next time. Same Bat blog. Roughly the same Bat time...I have no idea which villain I'd do. Any suggestions?

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.

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