Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Having fun with Faster Than Light

I am quite the consumer of YouTube videos.  Just a few weeks ago, one of the channels I follow started to put up videos about a gamed called FTL: Faster Than Light.  I decided to take a peek and the game did look rather interesting to me.  Last Friday, when the internet wasn't working so well, I decided to simply purchase the game.  I was very glad I did!

The premise of FTL is simple: you are a lone ship from the Federation.  You have valuable data about a rebel fleet that needs to be taken partway across the galaxy.  Throughout the game, you are being chased by a rebel fleet.  You also encounter things like enemy ships, stores, giant alien spiders, strange six-legged animals, mercenaries, ion storms, and so on and so forth.  The game offers a variety of weapons from lasers to beams to missiles to bombs.  Ships can also be equipped with things like cloaking devices and teleporters.  The game feels like a managing game, trying to balance power usage and what all the crew members are doing.  Overall, I found the game to be very entertaining.  I was finally able to beat it on easy after about 15 or so tries.  The final 'encounter' in the game was rather difficult but rewarding.

On completely unrelated news, Guild Wars 2 is getting more end game content!  They are putting in a new 'tier' of items called Ascended.  Also, they are introducing a new condition to the game called Agony.  Agony will slowly tick away a certain percentage of a character's life per second.  It can't be removed through normal means making it a very deadly condition to be afflicted with.  I think that is very cool thematically.  In Guild Wars, there were enemies that would inflict a condition called Spectral Agony that would do something very similar.  Players could get their armor 'infused' to protect against it.  In Guild Wars 2, there will also be infusions that will provide protection against Agony.  Also, Guild Wars 2 is released new end game content this weekend.  In Guild Wars 2 fashion, they are doing it with a 3 day series of events!  After the Halloween event, I'm pretty excited to see how this goes down.

Also, Guild Wars 2 is doing an 'invite friends to play' weekend.  I still have 2 more invitations to give out.  They will let you play from November 15-18 for free.  I'd recommend at least trying the game out to see how it is.

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