Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Lost Shores madness

Only a brief blog post from me this week.  I'm exhausted from playing the new Guild Wars 2 content, and work is pretty crazy right now (deadlines are coming up!).

Last weekend, Guild Wars 2 released some new content called 'The Lost Shores'.  Apparently a group called the Consortium discovered a new island in the Sea of Sorrows.  One of the representatives went to see what they could take from the area.  Unfortunately, the person somehow triggered an attack by the race called the 'Karka'.

In the first event, Karka attacked Lion's Arch (one of the major cities in the game).  They destroyed a lighthouse and basically caused a lot of havoc in the area.  Karka are a very dangerous and powerful race o crab like monsters.  The hatchilngs explode and latch onto players.  Young have a powerful ranged attack.  Veteran and champion karka (basically older ones) have powerful armor that must be destroyed before they can be killed.  They also can dodge attacks, roll over players, and fire off blasts of acid and glue.  I've seen three of the large champion karka take out a group of about 40 players in a matter of minutes.

In the second phase of the release, players banded together to drive back an Ancient karka that was terrorizing the area.  Armed with special guns that sprayed corrosive acid, players were able to defeat the creature (which was resistant to normal attacks).

After the ancient karka was defeated, players discovered a whole new island called Southsun Cove.  The new area was a tropical island inhabited by karka and other new, dangerous creatures.  It also had passion fruit.  As a personal miff, the passion fruit was harvested from bushes.  When I went to Brazil on my mission, I saw passion fruit growing on vines!  As part of the second phase of the rekease, players helped to establish a foothold on the island.

Us pummeling some veteran karka moments before they pummeled us
The third and final phase was pretty crazy.  First off, players helped escort explosives experts.  The experts planted bombs in a giant karka nesting area.  Then, another ancient karka area appeared, and players had to drive it back to its nesting area.  To do this, players had to defeat massive waves of the giant karka reinforcements, batter down giant trees onto the ancient karka, and other things.  At one point, we had to attack a rock wall to trigger a rockslide.  In another, we had to destroy nests, then place boulders from the nests in geysers that would then launch the boulders at the ancient karka.  Sadly, I had to leave to do home teaching for the latter half of the event.  Eventually, the ancient karka found it's demise at the bottom of the nest near a pool of lava.

My character vainly tries to fireball the Ancient Karka

Fighting off waves of Karka reinforcements

Dancing on the corpse!

Future posts will have more information on the new content with this event, including the Fractal dungeon and the new jumping puzzle!

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