Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sucker Punch (Movie)

Last year, I had the privilege of experiencing the movie 'Sucker Punch'.  I have a hard time coming up with words to describe this movie, so perhaps referencing some other movies will help.

Imagine if Moulin Rouge and Inception had a child, Muppet Babies was the midwife and it all took place in the Matrix.  Somehow Alice In Wonderland was involved in the pregnancy. Yeah, something like that.

That analogy aside, I highly enjoyed Sucker Punch.  It seemed to appease each and every last nerdy sense of mine:

  • The plot was somewhat complicated and had a twist ending.  
  • The multi-level nature of the main characters fantasies made it fun to follow.  
  • Nothing can really trump having to fight zombie robot steam-powered Nazi's with machine guns and katanas.
The main character and her friend were ninjas.  I think the only thing that was missing in the movie was pirates. 

That aside, in my opinion, Sucker Punch was a highly enjoyable movie.  As a word of caution, it is probably too intense for small children, young teenagers, or adults that are sensitive to violence and seeing zombie robot steam-powered Nazi's killed with swords.  As further caution, there is a pretty strong sub-theme of sensuality in the movie.  Finally, if you hate surprise endings or being 'sucker punched', I wouldn't recommend it.


  1. This movie was LAME! It looked beautiful and that was it. It did have some good ideas but I felt it needed better execution... a story would be nice too.

  2. There was a story. You possibly missed it while the girls were distracting you with shinies. :D