Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Courageous - Doesn't Let Go of the Wheel

Courageous. Such a powerful word in my eyes.  I remember listening to the radio station K-LOVE and hearing a song called "Courageous" and then hearing about how it was from a movie that was also named Courageous.  Seeing as how K-LOVE is a christian rock station, I assumed the movie would be some kind of cheesy seminary-like video (not that I have anything against the seminary videos).  This week, I was having 'bro' night with one of my little brothers when he pushed the DVD for Courageous toward me and said I should watch it.

After watching the movie, I found my initial assumption was quite wrong.

Courageous is a beautiful, heart-wrenching story about four male police officers and their lives as husbands and fathers.  The movie was very well done.  There was action, heartache, and good, clean humor.  I don't remember a single coarse word spoken or a single bit of sexual innuendo.  Other than some gang related violence (quite mild compared to anything but a Disney movie), the movie is very clean.  Definitely a movie that falls into the 'virtuous, lovely, and of good report' category while still being entertaining.  The messages that the movie delivered were beautiful.  At least once, it felt like the message delivery felt a little odd to me.  Only one scene of the movie made me think 'cheesy'.  Overall, a great quality movie.

Courageous is rated PG-13 (which honestly shocked me, although it probably is too intense for young children) for violence and some drug content.

In summary, Courageous is a refreshingly clean movie with an incredible story about stepping up and doing what's right.  I would give the movie a A rating.  I highly recommend watching this movie.  If you're wondering what the "Doesn't Let Go of the Wheel" part of the title means, watch the first few minutes of the movie.  Everything will make sense after that.

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