Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Legend of Korra review

Avatar: the Last Airbender is widely considered to be one of the best cartoons of the last ten years. The thing took the epic storytelling and animation of Japanese cartoons and combined them with the American ability to write a plot that makes sense. Characters colorful enough for kids but deep enough for adults made us fall in love with an intriguing world of Asian fantasy. With something this popular it's inevatable that someone will try to milk it for even more money and fame after it's ending. Avatar took a hit when Shaymalan created a disastrous live action movie that nearly ended the franchise on it's own, so when it was announced that a new series was in the works I cringed as visions of Land Before Time films flashed through my mind. Then the marketing machine started up, baiting us with images and story ideas that turned me and my friends into slavering fans months before the premier. Probably their most brilliant ploy was saying that if they could get 100,000 likes by last week they would release the first two episodes early. Thanks to the fans, including this site, we got it. So, was it worth the hype?
Yes, yes it was.
The story takes place 70 some odd years after the first, and Avatar Aang has passed away. The Order of the White Lotus has given up the secret society label in exchange for being some sort of Avatar training league and find Korra, the new Avatar. Korra quickly masters the first three elements, her native water as well as earth and fire, but is told that that she can't begin training on air because the world's only airbending master, Aang's son Tenzin has work to do in the unstable Republic City. Korra isn't one who appreciates being told what to do, sneaks on to a boat with her bear-dog,  and they head to the Steampunk paradise.  She ends up getting arrested by Toff's daughter and is brought to Tenzin, who decides to teach her air bending in on his island outside Republic City. Korra's hot temper and wild spirit make airbending training difficult though, so she ends up joining the hot new sport Pro Bending, much to Tenzin's dismay.
I know the summary sounds incomplete, but this is just the first two episodes. Legend of Korra is going to be one of those epic dramas with a story line that spans multiple seasons. This is reminiscent of the first series, especially after the second season. The preview definitely got me hooked on this thing. The music is great, the characters are even more well rounded then the first series, and the animation is spectacular. This is a must see for fans of the original and new comers alike. Check it out ASAP!

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