Monday, March 26, 2012

The Colors of Magic

Magic was what turned me from nerd to geek. Not sure that there's a preference here. I'm still a word nerd / grammar Nazi . . . I mean . . . guru. But Magic crossed me into the world of gaming. And I'm probably going to mention it in many posts. One key thing about Magic is it has five colors that a Planeswalker (player) can tap into for mana (the power to cast spells).

So, you have an easy reference for the five colors at the beginning of this post, with their awesome symbols. Time to do geek out some life comparisons: color by color.

White: The main values for white are (from the Wizards of the Coast site) Order, protection, light, and law. A person who likes to have things in order (maybe not to the extend of Sheldon Cooper's OCD), someone who is always wanting to help and/or rescue, someone with humility and innocence, and someone obedient.

To add a religious side to this, this would fulfill Christ's wish for us to "be like little children." (Not sure on exact wording, but you get the point, I hope.) Our Savior would be the ultimate person classified in this color. Little children, in my opinion would also have these attributes, in general. Me? Oh, this is definitely not my color.

Blue: Knowledge, manipulation, wind, and wave make up blue's tools. Deceit, intellect, and control are also terms that fit with blue. Now, I don't like "manipulation" and "deceit" in their raw negative forms. But, unfortunately, I gotta say that politicians and car salesmen probably bleed Magic's blue.

To me, a Magic blue person would know what it is he or she wants and will do what they can to get it. I see blue as determined. "Blue" people would also use their knowledge to their advantage. And since it's supposed to be an ally color with white, I can see how blue would use its knowledge to help and protect. In contrast, blue's other ally is selfish. So blue can use its knowledge for personal gain.

I see "blue" as the most dangerous color, in one aspect, because that personality can be used for good or for evil.Link

Black: death, ambition, and darkness make up black's traits. Ambition is one thing that I find so key to black. Ambition alone isn't a bad thing. But when mixed with darkness, it means that the person will stop at nothing to achieve greedy and/or selfish goals. For me, ambition can be such a horrible thing.

There's nothing wrong with having goals and dreams that you want to make come true. And Linkthere's nothing wrong with finding ways to achieve those goals. But a Magic black personality will harm others in the name of the goal. White would rather lose. And blue, well, it depends on how dark the blue is.

Red: our attributes for red are freedom, fire, and impulse. There's something about a fiery spirit that can be destructive or assist in growth. I like the phrase "lighting a fire under someone" or its kin. This can go horribly negative like pissing off a redhead. When those Irish roots go blazing....beware.

I like that red has a "freedom" attribute. I see Magic red people as those who would fight for themselves and fight for others. The impulse to take action, to drop safety in favor of destruction, is something only someone with a fiery attitude can do.

Green: The values of green are strength, ferocity, and life. Strength doesn't just mean an ability to overcome an opponent, but the capacity to stand one's ground. Ferocity doesn't just mean putting fear into someone, but to tap into one's spirit in order to accomplish a task. And life doesn't just mean breathing, but growth: physically and metaphorically.

Those with a Magic green personality use their physical prowess for good, whether their own good or the good of those they're asked to protect. Green people (no, not martians) are ones who you don't want to piss off and want battling with you.

So, there you have it. There is more to dissect here, such as blending the colors. But that's for another post. In order, the colors are between their allies. White and blue are allies. Blue and black are allies. All the way back to green and white being allied. Conversely, skip a color and you've got enemy colors. White and black are enemies. Blue and red are enemies. So forth down to green and blue being enemy colors. Again, this will be a discussion for a later date.

Note: in the Magic cards on the right, you'll notice my mana symbols are enemy colors. Why? That's for another post.

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  1. I'm not sure what colors I am, but as you know, I'm all about the skulls.

    1. Julie, you are white with a splash of black.

  2. I'm pretty strongly blue, with splashes of red and white.

  3. I think it's telling that out of all my playable decks, easily 75% of them have some white in them...