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The Fourteenth Doctor

In my last Doctor Who post, I said I didn’t know if I should spotlight the Fourteenth Doctor and the 60th Anniversary together or separately. As a result of doing them in different posts, there’s going to be some overlap with my 60th Anniversary post. Instead of being about the anniversary, this post is going to be more like my posts about the Doctors that I started years ago during my first watch of Classic Doctor Who. Unlike those posts, I have only three episodes to rank. So without further ado, let’s talk about the Fourteenth Doctor, played by David Tennant (again). 

Disclaimer: It was so hard to rank these stories as top, flop, and honorable mention. They were all wonderful stories and I’m so grateful we got three specials with the Doctor reunited with Donna.

60th Anniversary Specials

Top Post: Wild Blue Yonder

This episode was something special, just like when “The Deadly Assassin” featured the Doctor without a companion and like “Heaven Sent” only featured the Doctor (with an image of Clara in his mental landscape). With only two actors on set, playing both the villain and the heroes, this story gives that cold chill that Whovians have come to love. Mix the chill of an unknown alien (like “Listen”) and the uncertainty of shapeshifter (like the Zygons) and finally a race against time (as slow as the countdown was). Always a sucker for a good Doctor Who mystery; I know I couldn’t write those.

Flop Story: The Giggle

I wanted so badly to like this episode, especially after watching “The Celestial Toymaker” earlier in 2023. I already talked in depth about why I struggled with this episode, so I won’t repeat myself too much. In short, with a villain as powerful, mysterious, and mischievous as the Toymaker, I expected more. Neil Patrick Harris did the most amazing job portraying the Toymaker, but the story didn’t match my expectations (maybe that’s the problem?). 

Honorable Mention: The Star Beast

Even if I’d had more than three episodes to discuss, how could this story get at least an honorable mention? We got closure from Donna’s tragic ending with the Tenth Doctor, a happy ending for her and her family (until she accidentally flew away in the TARDIS), and the power of motherhood. I wasn’t a parent when I saw Donna’s initial stories, but I loved the way that Donna talked about Rose. And how Rose helped save Donna’s life. Remarkable!


Donna The Star Beast - The Giggle
Rose The Giggle (off-screen)
Mel         The Giggle (off-screen)

Favorite Companion: On-screen there was only one companion in these stories anyway, but Rose and Mel both verbally mentioned traveling with the Fourteenth Doctor at the end of “The Giggle”. But even if those escapades were on screen, my top choice would have still been Donna. She was my favorite with the Tenth Doctor and she’s my favorite now. Meeting Catherine Tate has only reinforced that. I find Donna’s insecurities relatable and her comments resonate with me frequently, especially now that she and I are both parents. Her care for the Doctor only makes her more endearing. Just like back in “Turn Left” she’s the best friend who was able to compassionately talk the Doctor into taking care of himself. I’m glad the Doctor was able to call Donna and the Noble family his home.

Back to Classic Doctor Who posts next month, as we wait for more Fifteenth Doctor adventures. You can expect more podcast episodes from me and TJ, as we release and record our Second Doctor episodes.


New head-canon/theory: The Fourteenth Doctor later regenerates into the Curator.

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