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5 Best Couples of LOST

This year is the 20th anniversary of LOST and I don’t care what people say, I loved it back then and I love it now. Currently rewatching the series in honor of its anniversary (not that I need an excuse) so I’m sure you’ll get plenty of LOST content from me this year, especially as September and the show’s anniversary gets closer. But for today, since it’s Valentine’s Day, I’ll focus on my favorite couples from the show. Honorable mentions include Jack/Kate, Sayid/Nadia, and Ben/Annie, but they’re not in my top five for this list.

Desmond and Penny

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I think there would be something tragic if someone didn’t include Desmond and Penny on their list of best LOST couples. Desmond was supposed to be dead, but Penny kept trying and hoping that she’d find him. Sure there were some time travel shenanigans that could have tipped her off to his survival, but she still had faith in their relationship. Plus, the best relationship quote (romantic or otherwise) from the show came from her: “All we really need to survive is one person who truly loves us.”

Sawyer and Juliet

I wrote about Sawyer and Juliet on my TV couples Valentine's Day post a few years back, but I couldn’t have seen this couple coming. One moment they’re buddies and the next (three years for them) they’re a couple. And yet, even though their screen time together was only a handful of episodes, their chemistry and their connection was beautiful. And Juliet’s death was heartbreaking in the best ways (as far as storytelling goes). To see them reconnect in the flash-sideways was the most perfect reunion in the show. 

Hurley and Libby

Speaking of heartbreaking deaths… Hurley and Libby were perfect. They loved and supported each other in their insecurities, even if we didn’t learn what Libby’s past entailed. For the record, I’m still upset that they never gave us Libby’s backstory as promised in season four (my head-canon is that she’s Penny’s half-sister and was tasked with finding Desmond). All the same, to see Hurley grieve over his girlfriend of only a couple weeks and later be reunited with her in the afterlife. Beautiful!

Charlie and Claire

Maybe it’s because of the respect I have for my dad, adopting his step-daughter as his own, but seeing Charlie care for Aaron is possibly the most romantic thing I see him do while watching LOST. Ask my wife and she’ll confirm that fatherhood is one of the most attractive things a man can do. I know Aaron wasn’t his son, but Charlie cared enough for Claire and loved her enough that he loved her son too. Charlie’s sacrifice for Claire and Aaron broke all of our hearts. I think it was perfect to see Claire and Charlie regain their memories because of Aaron’s birth, bringing their family back together.

Rose and Bernard

How could a list of LOST couples be complete without Rose and Bernard? They found each other later in life, after years of being single (or possibly divorced/widowed in Rose’s case, based on a deleted scene) they found each other. And they’re about the cutest older couple there could be, even without knowing the depth of their feelings. Everyone should have someone who chooses them, regardless of what the future holds, like Bernard choosing Rose despite her diagnosis. And everyone should have someone who believes in them against all odds, like Rose believed in Bernard’s ability to survive.

Naturally I could have included Jack/Kate or Sayid/Shannon on this list as well. And I certainly have a head-canon as to what happened with Ben/Annie. But for now, we’ll leave that on the back burner for another time. For now, see you in another life, brother (or sister). 

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