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Kingdom Hearts: Union Cross

So I initially thought that Kingdom Hearts: Union Cross (KHUC) also known as Unchained χ was the mobile game that KH Back Cover was based on. I was wrong. After watching so many videos and playthroughs, thank you PlayFrame, for playing this game and helping me understand the story. This was a mobile game that shut down and now is a video record of the game with being able to play KH: Dark Road (the next summary I am planning on writing about). Luckily PlayFrame played the game and finished it before it was shut down. In this post I will go over the main story of the game and what I think is important for the future installments of the franchise. 

So instead of being led by the five Masters from Back Cover we are being led by the Five Dandelions (Ephemer, Skuld, Ventus, Brain, and Lauriam). The five union leaders were given instructions to meet each other for the first time after the Keyblade war on the battle ground. Which they followed and started leading the Dandelions. 

Lauriam, Ventus, Ephemer, Skuld, and Brain

They place all the Dandelions in a virtual reality to gather light (lux) , having the unions be more unified because they are all Dandelions (mostly). In the virtual reality they get lux from the future and that is how we travel to the same stories and worlds that Sora did in KHI. It might be important to note that all the worlds we have seen throughout the series used to be all connected, but somehow separated into being their own worlds. It hasn’t been explained how that has happened, but it might be important later on. 

As the Dandelions gather Lux, their companions, Chirthy with the help of the virtual world erase the memories about the keyblade war so only the five Union leaders would remember. 

During the game there is a flashback to Luxu and Master of Masters explaining how they would defeat the thirteen Darkness. The Master of Masters and the original masters each would take one of the darkness and when they are destroyed that Darkness would go with it. Then the five Union leaders that come after them will do the same and sacrifice themselves destroying five more darkness. The final Darkness would be trapped in the virtual world and then the future will be safe from Darkness. Only Luxu was told this by the Master of Masters and this information was not in the Book of Prophecies so none of the other masters and union leaders know about this. The Master of Masters alludes that the masters will believe that there is a traitor which will lead to a Keyblade War that he believes needs to happen to vanquish the thirteen darkness. Master of Masters assures us that he has a plan for a happy ending, but can we really trust him? Look at the masters, they trusted him and they were led to a war that none of them initially wanted.

Before the Keyblade War, Master Ava, started to have doubts about the Master of Masters and didn’t obey him completely. As you recall she was tasked to form the Dandelions and was given a list of who should be the five union leaders and the one circled she was supposed to give a copy of the Book of Prophecies. Instead of giving it to Ephemer, like the Master of Masters wanted, she gave the book to Brain. She did this to inform them that the book doesn’t have the future she desires and hopes this small change will lead to a better future.

From the list they noticed that Ventus wasn’t chosen to be one of the Union leaders, but it was supposed to be Lauriam's sister Strelitzia. After they investigated with Elrena, a colleague of Strelitzia, they learned that Ventus erased Strelitzia. I don’t understand how that worked, but he was possessed. Ventus and Lauriam fight and darkness joins. Ventus uses the light within his heart to destroy the darkness, claiming he is pure light as they are pure darkness. 

After some intense fights the town, Daybreak, is on the verge of destruction. The five union leaders all travel into the future by the use of a waypoint and someone remembering them in the future. Ventus ends up unconscious on the keyblade graveyard where Master Xehanort finds him. Brian wakes up in a city called “Scala ad Caelum” founded by another union leader, Ephemer. We don’t know what happened to the rest but we know Lauriam and Elrena nobody is Marluxia and Larxene, respectively. While they are escaping the Dandelions die and their Chirthy turn into Dream Eaters. This makes me believe this virtual reality is the dreams that Sora and Riku enter in KH Dream Drop Distance.

Also, to note that Luxu at the end of the game pulls down his hood and he looks identical to Brian. I am not sure how important that is, but if it is at the end of the game it must be important, right? 

This story like KH Back Cover was very confusing, but I understood Back Cover more after watching a playthrough of the series. Also, I didn’t know the best way to watch the clips on the app. I didn’t know if I should go left to right or follow the column down.

Please leave a comment on what I missed in the summary. Is there something I should have noticed in the playthrough?

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