Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Rockin' Music

If you were born in the 90’s and had teen angst during junior high school, then here are a few memorable songs that prove that you Rock! There are a lot of songs to choose from, but I will present one entry from each rock band that were a hit in our age.

Three Days Grace: Never Too Late

I remember buying this album and thinking how I would hide this from my mother who would not approve of such music. Needless to say I couldn't hide it and was surprised that she let me keep it. 

To me this song is powerful. It motivates us not to give up. Life gets hard and the world is not what we expect, we decide whether to try and keep moving or stop. It’s not too late, it’s never too late to keep moving forward.

Flyleaf: All Around Me

I think one of the best things about being born in the 90’s is to experience Flyleaf in their prime. Their music deals with topics such as Christianity, love, and death. Their music reached the top 100 on the Billboard 200, which wouldn't happen now with Christian music.

I loved their music. Lacey Stern has a unique crisp voice that is wonderful to hear. All Around Me is a song about our relationship with Christ. “My hands float above me and you whisper you love me” tells the world that yes God does love you.

Breaking Benjamin: The Diary of Jane

The hardest part about being a teenagers is feeling alone and rejected. The person you liked didn't like you back or didn't know that you exist. Well The Diary of Jane by Breaking Benjamin relates to those feelings because the song is about a guy who loved a girl who never loved him back. It's a song for those that are lonely and that want to hear a great beat to it.

Evanescence: Bring Me to Life

The first time I heard of Evanescence was when I watched Daredevil in 2003. Bring Me to Life was the highlight of the movie to me. I believe the music video was in the VHS of the movie. The only memory I have of that movie is this song. Such a good song. Like Lacey Stern, Amy Lee, the lead vocalist, has an unique voice that resonates to the listener.  

Linkin Park: In the End

Being the youngest with only older sisters I wanted to find a band different to what my sisters liked. I thought that I couldn't like the music my sisters loved because they were older than me and they were girls. . . (How silly of me). Luckily for me at the time YouTube was new and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess came out and some brilliant person made a music video of In the End using clips of the game. I remember when I found that song I had to ask my friend if I could like it to get a conformation that guys like it. This is a special song to me because it was the first song I chose to like from my own discovery. 

The band uses a mixture of vocals and rap mixed with an unforgettable piano accompaniment which plays excellent with each other. I still listen to this song to this day. To be honest I listen to all these songs to this day. They are still great music. 

Green Day: Boulevard of Broken Dreams

I know I have mentioned this before but as a teenager feeling lonely is a common emotion. Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day is a song that is about loneliness. With the first line being:

I walk a lonely road
The only one that I have ever known
Don't know where it goes
But it's home to me, and I walk alone

Great song, great beat. Makes us feel less lonely knowing others are feeling that way as well.

Skillet: Monster

I didn't know for a while that Skillet was a Christian rock band. Once I found that out I liked them more. I think John Cooper explains this song the best, he said "It's a song about being fake and putting on a face for people that's not the real you. But it's basically about the nature of sin and the nature of the divine, which is the duel nature we have a Christians. Everyday we have to strive to throw away the old and be the new person in Christ."

Eluveitie: A Rose for Espona


I will be honest I didn't know the meaning of this song. After looking it up I learned it is a mournful song depicting the plight of the Celtic Gauls during the reign of the Roman Empire. Gauls were a group of Celtic people that encompassed present-day France. Apparently they lost their original identities and language during the late antiquity after the Romans took their land. 

What I like about the song is the use of unique instruments. They use a violin, Flutes, Guitars and had a good lead singer. I enjoy listening to this song. 

Paramore: Misery Business

I think everyone can relate to being jealous of someone else in their class who always seemed to be more popular or had a better friend group. Misery Business is a song that relates. It's a song about how being popular doesn't make you great. The purpose behind this song is to help the listener know that they don't have to be jealous of someone else's popularity. 

 Good Charlotte: The Anthem

Similar to Misery Business, The Anthem is about how kids that are not popular can still have confidence. It is upbeat with memorable lyrics like:

I don't ever wanna be youDon't wanna be just like youOh, what I'm saying isThis is the anthemThrow all your hands upYouDon't wanna be you

Simple Plan: I'm Just a Kid

Again another song about loneliness. I'm Just a Kid is about feeling left out that no one cares about you. Ironically, the song is upbeat and enjoyable to listen to. 

I think a lot of bands try to capture our emotions. And apparently in 2000s we felt alone. If you feel alone and depressed music maybe helpful, but also reaching out and getting help. The month of May is mental health awareness. If you need support seek it out. Trust me you are not alone. 


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