Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Moments of Motherhood by Calvin's Mom

With Mother's Day coming up this weekend, I was thinking about which mother of all fandom I wanted to spotlight. I decided to go with the (almost) always patient mother of Calvin, from Calvin and Hobbes. And here are just a few moments with her that I think every parent (especially moms) can relate to.

To be honest, I know I wasn’t an easy child. So why would I expect mine to be easy?

Imaginative play is wonderful and healthy… but it certainly gets in the way of reality at times. 

The job of a mom is full-time work… the job of being a child… whenever they feel like it. 

Seeing your little one sick is the worst part of parenting. Period. 

Moms have this intuition to know how to comfort their child.

Two minutes of quiet with a child is inherently suspicious 

Playtime/TV time > Feeding yourself

My toddler’s latest bedtime question: “What are you doing?”

Sometimes you just gotta tell the kid what they need to hear. 

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