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Android 16 Secret History


While I was watching Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, I was geeking out about fan theories becoming cannon. In this post I am excited to talk about what recently became cannon about Android 16! 

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As many of you are already aware Android 16 may appear to be threatening with his intimidating size, monotone dialogue, and dangerous appearance, however he is truly a gentle giant. He is calm, friendly, and embraces nature and humanity with loving kindness. The only hatred he has is towards Goku who he is programmed to kill. Can't really blame him, Goku is a terrible Dad. Akira Toriyama based Android 16 on the Terminator portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger which makes him that much cooler. 

Before going into fan theories and what became cannon, let's take a step back and talk about Android 16 history. 


In Dragon Ball Z, after Dr. Gero awakens Android 17 and 18 from their sleep, 17 and 18 awaken 16 despite the warning from Gero. After he is activated, they set off to kill Goku. As the saga progresses 17 and 18 are in danger by another creation of Dr. Gero, Cell. Cell’s mission is to become perfect and in order to do that must absorb android 17 and 18. Sadly, Cell succeeds and becomes perfect Cell. Up to this point we see android 16 not partaking in any battles; he only intented to fight Goku, but when his friends are “killed” he goes against his programming and fights Cell instead of Goku.


Android 16 fights against Cell a couple of times and in both scenarios, he is defeated. His last attempt destroys himself completely, being the first character that we love to never return, even though there is a mystical dragon that is able to grant wishes. Android 16 memory chip couldn’t be repaired. However, the destruction of Android 16 gave Gohan the rage he needed to be the first to transcend to Super Saiyan 2. 

Fans have speculated that prior to Android 16 being an android he was the embodiment of Dr. Gero’s son. This is the reason why Dr. Gero didn’t want Android 17 and 18 to wake him up because he wasn’t a completed version of his son. He didn't have his son’s memories therefore he was a different person in the shell of his son. He made him stronger than 17 and 18 because he couldn’t bear his son to die again, but when he found out that he wasn't his son he deactivated him and put a bomb in him so he could be fully destroyed when the time comes, but Dr. Gero never had the heart see his son die a second time. This is my interpretation of this fan theory, but there is some cannon behind it, but before I dive into that, I need to talk about the fan theory of Android 16 mother. 

In the video game Dragon Ball FighterZ we meet a new android that was created by Dr. Gero named Android 21. She was the main antagonist in the story and believed to be the mother of Android 16. In the game we never get to fully know her relation with Android 16, but their was the speculation until Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero came out.

In the first few moments of the movie, we learn a lot about Android 16 origins. First of all, we learned that his name is Grevo and that he served in the red ribbon army, where his Dad worked. This villainous army went after Goku when he was a kid. He died, probably accidentally by kid Goku. We learn that Dr. Geero’s wife, Vomi, was indeed the embodiment of Android 21. We don’t know how she died, but she did. 

Grevo (Android 16) before his death, must have had a child because Hedo, the super-intellegent scientist is the grandson of Dr, Gero and Vomi. We don’t know who Hedo's mother is. In the movie Dr. Hedo, is manipulated by the Red Ribbon army to create androids superior to Dr. Gero’s and uses them for their own purposes. 

The purpose of this post is not to give a summary of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. If you are a fan of Dragon Ball and love Gohan and androids then you will enjoy this movie.

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