Monday, April 20, 2020

The Office Workout

How are you holding up being at home all day? A lot of people are struggling with their fitness goals because they're stuck in the house. Sometimes all we can do is to just get moving for twenty minutes. As such, I wanted to do another workout, like I did with Harry Potter, just to get some movement into your day. So throw on an episode of The Office and let's get started.

  • Opening theme - Plank throughout
  • Michael says "That's what she said" - Push-ups 30 seconds
  • "Talking head" segment - Wall Sit throughout
  • Jim pulls a prank - Tricep dips 15 seconds
  • Pam answers the phone - Crunches 15 seconds
  • Jim looks at the camera - Squats 15 seconds
  • Michael bullies Toby - Calf raises 30 seconds
  • Party Planning Committee meets - Mountain climbers 15 seconds
  • Someone from Corporate appears - Jumping jacks 10 seconds
  • Michael makes you cringe - Leg raises 10 seconds

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