Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Soul - Is Disney Doing a Thing?

When the first trailer for Disney/Pixar's Soul was released, I have to admit it didn't light my heart on fire. It looked like Inside Out but with the soul, with soul in this context maybe having a tie to music.

Then I watched the trailer.

Stop reading this and watch the trailer.

Right here.

Did you see it?

Do you get why I'm excited now?

Go through all media and you will find absolutely nothing referencing the Pre-Existence. Closest we ever get are characters in the womb (Homer Simpson, Stewie Griffin) with their personalities. This trailer though is serving us fresh Pre-Existence realness.

So what are we seeing here? The main character is apparently on his way to heaven when he escaped the stairway and made his way to a place where souls are given personalities and interests. There he meets a soul who hasn't been born yet and the adventure is on.

We don't know much else, like we don't know if Heavenly Father is going to be addressed, though they will probably go for a nondenominational route. It does beg the question weather the writers are connected to the Church or if this was a piece of inspiration given to add another piece of truth to the world.

If it's not evident from my love letter disguised as a review for Onward, I love what Disney's been doing lately, and my love will grow even more if they're going to start imparting important gospel truths in their films.


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