Monday, September 15, 2014

Truth is Singular

I recently had an experience--well, not so very recently, maybe a month or so ago--where I recalled this awesome scene from the 2012 Doctor Who Christmas special entitled "The Snowmen."

In that episode, the Doctor (Matt Smith) meets Clara Oswin Oswald (this is and isn't the Clara that will be his companion.) Clara needs the Doctor's help and eventually finds her way to Madame Vastra (a lizard-like woman). When Clara meets Vastra, she is instructed to answer her questions by using only one word answers. Clara asks why, to which Madame Vastra replies:

"Truth is singular. Lies are words, words words." I absolutely love this statement (as well as Clara's eventual response when she catches Madame Vastra in a lie.)

There's something to be said about this idea...but I'll try not to give it too many words ;)

As I've adopted this idea, I've watched myself as I speak and try to say what I need to and not every single last idea that comes to mind.

Now, be careful. This idea does have a counter-effect. Don't think that someone who's speaking a lot is lying to you. But I trust people who choose their words well. Not to sound important or more distinguished, but to be accurate and honest.

As a little treat, I've attempted to embed the full scene below. If you know Doctor Who, it'll make sense. If you don't, then the majority of the scene still is impressive.

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.

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