Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Artist Spotlight: Bryan Beus

Bryan Beus is an artist that simply makes you stop and look. Let me back up: Back at Fantasy Con (Yes it's another story I met at a convention, don't judge me!). I was wandering around looking at art, which is one of my favorite things to do anywhere, when I saw Bryan's work. Normally my attention is only taken because I've spotted a cool Disney villain or Harley Quinn, but I noticed Bryan because the first piece I saw beautiful, simply beautiful. 

Then I met Bryan. 

What struck me first after meeting him was that Bryan never tried to push his art on me or my buddy (Cons are more fun with friends). We discussed the events and what we had seen thus far and he he was just a genuinely nice guy. Since half the vendors I'd met that day alone felt like used car salesmen at worst, it was refreshing to talk to someone friendly and real. 

But don't take my word for it, check out my recent interview with Bryan here: 

I want to discuss his art for a bit. 

What I love about Bryan's work is his use of light. His Rapunzel piece is the one that drew me over in the first place. The piece is done like a work of the Old Masters. The soft light hits the girl emphasizing her own softness, and creates a warm dreamy feel, as though she is daydreaming of the world outside her tower. This may be surprising coming from the guy who did his wedding in Disney, but I like that he created his own version of Rapunzel instead of taking the one from Tangled. 

The other piece that struck me (Luckily also the other piece Bryan sent me to show) is his "Faerietank". I'm the kid who stared at the fish tank for hours watching the fish take my imagination, and this painting captures the feeling perfectly. I love the quiet grace of the scene, the cool colors against the bright fairies feels comfortable, like a place I'd love to spend days in just floating around without a care in the world. 

Check out his website for more of his work and to track his book coming out soon!

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