Monday, September 22, 2014

Reality Not Included Volume 2: Incredible art you can be part of

So there we were, my Mormon Geeks posse and I rolling around Salt Lake Comic Con, checking out booths and cosplayers when I get a text from my buddy Stu. He tells me that his new wife, Chelsea, who by the way is an artist for Disney (One of my dream careers by the way), has some art featured in a book at one of the booths. Being a big Chelsea fan I tell the posse to round up the horses and off we go.

What we saw when we got there blew us all away.
Reality Not Included is a co-op comic book written and illustrated by several different artists, The stories range from funny to adventurous to take your soul out and stomp on it then hand it back kind of work. Best part for me is that since most of the contributors are BYU graduates, the comic is also clean, which is rare in the industry.

When we arrived I had to flip to Chelsea's work, since she was what got us over in the first place, and let me describe what happened: I'm standing holding the book with several friends looking over my shoulder, and when we reached the second page it felt like we all took a collective breath. Her work was beautiful, inspiring, and hit us like a ton of bricks. Several of my group donated to their Kickstarter that day. The rest of the comics were amazing, many full of life and color (A couple not quite done yet, but done enough to make me want more) that just isn't found in a lot of main stream comics right now.

We managed to get an interview with some of the creators while we were there, check it out along with their Kickstarter program. Donations gets you a copy of the comic, and believe me, it's totally worth it!

P.S. The Kickstarter ends on October 2nd so get on it now!

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  1. Also, my cousin Jessica Shirley has contributed to this too! :)