Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Lord Will Hasten His Work

I'm not one to really wax spiritual in blog posts.  I just have had some interesting discussions with co-workers and with my dad about how the Lord has hastened his work.  In D&C 88:73, the Lord said "Behold, I will hasten my work in its time."  Back when the church first started, the Lord used what technology that was available to spread the word.  There was the printing press, boats, and peoples legs.  Later on He introduced inventions like the train and planes so people could move around even faster.  Later, He introduced computers and the internet.  I was amazed at how powerful of a tool the modern computer is and how quickly information can be transmitted globally through the internet.  Why would the Lord put out such a wondrous invention?  To hasten His work.  Missionaries can now have "face-to-face" conversations with people who would normally feel too scared to let two strangers into their home.  Members can pull up genealogical records and see pictures of tombstones from the comfort of their living rooms.  They can also pull up scriptures on their smart phones and tablets.  It's incredible.

The best part?  We are probably just scratching the service.  What if there were programs/games that could help train new missionaries to preach?  What if there were games for helping new members learn about the church and about doctrine?  I could see ideas like that having a huge impact on the church's growth.  And who knows what marvelous inventions the Lord will be putting out to allow the work to spread even faster?

Keep your eyes open.  Great things are coming.


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