Thursday, October 3, 2013

Flight from Shadow

Hey everyone,

Remember that one time I went to LTUE and saw a really cool special about a fan film that was shot here in Utah?  Yeah, so that fan film has FINALLY made it to the interwebs!  Yaay!  Check it out below!

Awesome, right?

All of this was filmed here in Utah.  Doesn't the kid that plays Rand look familiar?  Hmmmm... I wonder where we've seen him before.  (Hint: He plays an important historical figure who was extremely important to the restoration of the Gospel.  Yeah, THAT guy.)  So what do I love so much about this?

The first thing I love about this is the production value.  The costumes and sets are so well done you would think they were done by a big name studio.  All of this was done from donations.  No one in this fan film made any money.  They just poured a bunch of time, money, energy, sweat, and blood into a project mostly because they just love the Wheel of Time.  Now that's some serious fandom!

So why would anyone put all these resources into a project that isn't going to pay back?

Now hold on one second there.  Not going to pay back?  Oh, this pays back.  It doesn't pay back in money (at least not directly or right away) but it certainly pays back.  The cast and crew involved with this work now have a resume of work to show.  It's also measurable.  Enough youtube views will turn the heads of bigger studios.

A big project like this shows that you can work in a team and it also shows serious dedication.  The Tavern scene was shot in the summer.  The actors talked about how hot they were and how completely uncomfortable it was.  They did it though because they love it.  If you really love something then you'll suffer being outside of your comfort zone for it to be part of your life.  It takes sleepless nights and sacrifice to accomplish dreams like animation, getting a book published, building up a business, or making a successful blog.

So let's give Wheel of 9 productions a big pat on the back by watching their video and sharing it on social networking sites.


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