Friday, July 13, 2012

Oz The Great and Powerful trailer

Something's been circling the internet lately, a trailer that warms my little heart.|ozg|Launch|TrailerDebut|Primarybutton|Watchnow|071212|||synMovInTheatM|#main
That's right. It's a Wizard of Oz prequel.
Between this and The Witches of Oz TV series set to come out this year, it's looking like the Wizard of Oz is going to be like how Snow White was this year. I'm actually looking forward to this thing, though I am curious as to why James Franco picked up the roll. He seems more of the action-fighting-monkeys-chopping-off-arms-drinking-his-own-pee actor than a let's-go-play-in-CGI-land actor. But whatever it'll either rock the world or end up in a $.99 bin at Kmart.

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