Thursday, July 19, 2012

Film making is Fun!

I got to have a great experience the other day.  On Tuesday, some friends from work invited me to be an extra in their short film they were filmming.  They have a very professional independant studio called J-Wat Productions.  I signed an Actor's Release form and in front of the camera I was no longer Stephen Larsen but a cold, high end, Mafia Thug.  I had no lines and only communicated danger through my steely gaze.

It reminded me how much I enjoyed performing on stage, giving talks, and some other work I've done in student/independant filmmaking.  So I thought I'd share some of the fun stuff I've done over the years.

The first is a whiteboard animation short.  This was my first experience in animation.  I don't think I want to do whiteboard ever again.  Ha ha.  Other kinds of animation I would be open to.

The characters and sound effects were all done by me.  The "music" as well.  I still use the characters Johan the Turtle and Leon the signing Simian in artwork today.


This one is a project I did with my buddy Clint and Taisuke.  Clint filmed Taisuke and I.  I played a jerk roommate.  This was a lot of fun.  Clint is pretty brilliant in his camera work.  We barely even had to edit it.  My teacher liked my acting.  :)

Filmmaking is really a lot of fun.  Why is it that something I love doing I barely ever seem to do? Even drawing, as simple as it is, doesn't get the time it deserves from me.

Answers to questions like this will have to be looked at later.  Until then, enjoy some of my work and pick up a camera and shoot something.

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  1. I want the jerk roommate's power! Stephen you're awesome at playing that so straight faced!