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Kingdom Hearts III and Re:Mind: Summary

Kingdom Hearts III, the long-awaited sequel to the beloved Kingdom Hearts (KH) franchise, was released in January 2019. I have recently played the game and finished it and I want to give you a summary of what happened so when the next game comes out in ten years you can look back on this post to remember what happened in the last installment. Hopefully there will not be as many games in between III and IV like Square Enix has done in the past. The only hope that it won't happen is they have announced KH IV and a mobile game (Which I expect to play an important role in KH IV). Anyways onto the summary

Kingdom Hearts III Summary

From the previous games we learned that Yen Sid is forced to get seven keyblade wielders as guardians of light or Master Xehanort will use seven princesses to construct the χ-blade with his Organization thirteen. Yen Sid decided that having seven keyblade wielders will give them a chance to stop Master Xehanort but really it is all part of his plan. Since this is a main game we play as Sora who is accompanied with Donald and Goofy. They are tasked to travel across worlds to regain his "power of waking" because after KH Drop Dream Distance (KH3D) he lost his powers to save Riku. While we play as him Riku and Mickey are tasked to search for Aqua in the realm of darkness, while Kairi and Lea (Axel) train as new keyblade wielders.


Throughout their journey they discover that Sora has three dormant hearts inside his body: Roxas, Ventus, and Xion. Sora suggest that they should implant them in artificial replica body's that were made by Vexen, one of Organization members. which will eventually explain how Roxas gets his own body. Xion body will appear later on, while Ventus body has been hidden by Aqua and near the climax he goes back to his body. 

Speaking of Aqua, while Riku and Mickey are in the Realm of Darkness, they are attacked by Aqua, who has become corrupted by the dark. Eventually, with the help of Sora and Master Eraqu's keyblade (her former master) she is restored. Aqua travels to Castle Oblivion to retrieve Ventus body and Sora rediscovers his power of waking and revives Ventus. 

With all seven guardians (Sora, Riku, Mickey, Aqua, Ventus, Kairi, and Lea) they go to keyblade graveyard to battle against the organization. Yet when they arrive they are confronted with Terra (aka master Xehanort puppet) and a swarm of heartless. They are loosing and thanks to Kairi Sora awakens in a limbo realm called Final World, where Chirithy (From the mobile games) guides him in restoring his fragmented body. He then uses the power of awakening to travel back in time to prevent that future. During the second run through Terra gains control of his body  and reunites with Aqua and Ventus. As they make there way to Master Xehanort, they fight with a puppet Xion and after that battle Roxas and Xion regain their hearts from Sora and reunite with Lea. 


After all the thirteen organization members are defeated, Xehanort provokes Sora into attacking him by destroying Kairi's body allowing Xehanort to acquire the χ-blade and unlock Kingdom Hearts. Sora, Donald, and Goofy hinder Xehanort by transporting him to Scala ad Caelum, his childhood home. Where they eventually defeat him. In Xehanort dying moments, Eraqus's spirit meets up with him and convinces him to surrender the χ-blade. Sora takes the χ-blade and with the help of the other seals up Kingdom hearts.

In the post-credit scene we learn that Xigbar, another member of organization thirteen is actually Luxu. one of the Master of Masters apprentices. 

Re:Mind Summary 

In this DLC package we follow Sora soon after the end of KHIII rescuing Kairi. He travels back in time to the battle between the guardians of light and the Organization. Eventually Sora finds and assembles fragments of Kairi's heart in Scala ad Caelum and restores Kairi. After revisiting the Final World, he Chirithy to come to the realm of light. He visits friends' worlds with Kairi before his disappears. The rest of the game is his friends searching for where he has gone.


Besides the long cut-scenes the was only annoying thing about this game: They do a lot of hidden reveals meaning that they start to reveal something then the audio turns off so we only get a taste of it. It is fine to do that once maybe twice, but this game did this way to often and it got annoying. I am not going to remember all these hidden secrets that will be revealed in future installments that will happen ten years from now.

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