Monday, April 22, 2024

6 Scenes I'm Excited for in Wicked

It's been a long time since the rumors of a Wicked movie began. Almost as far back as when I saw it with my brothers. We've had various iterations of Broadway musicals turned film, like Les Miserables, Hamilton, and Into the Woods. And now with the trailer released during the Super Bowl, it's almost time to see Elfaba and Glinda on the big screen. So in anticipation, I thought of six scenes/songs and what I'm looking forward to in the movie.

The Wizard and I

Specifically during this scene, I’m looking forward to seeing Elfaba’s vision of her “celebration”. I really hope they show us what she sees. But what will they show? We know from the Broadway play that she didn’t have all the pieces of the puzzle. But she did see herself happy. But it wasn’t the happy ending she’d expected. Maybe it was some inkling of being with Fiyero in the end? It’s a hazy, but they ought to show something right?

One Short Day

This song has so much stuff in it and it’s all supposed to be dazzling. What a spectacle this ought to be! From the palaces and museums to the horse of a different color (maybe), I want to be in awe just as much as Glinda and Elfie. 

Defying Gravity

With how much this song has become a powerful anthem for many people, I can’t imagine this song will simply be Elfaba flying off on her broom. I’m not sure what I'm expecting here, but something amazing I guess. 

As Long as You’re Mine

Mostly I’m curious how they’d go about shooting this scene. If it’s a romantic scene, it might look weird to have them singing to each other, though I suppose that’s what they do on stage. Instead, maybe the song could be playing over their scene, like “I See the Light” from Tangled? 

No Good Deed

The special effects of this scene could be crazy! Never mind how this song really pulls at Elfaba’s heart as she chants. I’m curious what kind of effects they’ll use for her magic and if we’ll see Fiyero’s transformation. I could see them show him glowing like the Doctor regenerating or a Pokemon evolving? Or maybe some smokey magic like Once Upon a Time. But whatever they do for Fiyero, I’m looking forward to having my heart broken by the grief on Elfaba’s face.

For Good

Another iconic song, one that I knew long before seeing Wicked on stage. The emotion and love that goes into this song. Like “As Long as You’re Mine” this song could be performed between Elfaba and Glinda or it could be a voice-over like “I See the Light”. Really what I’m curious about in this scene is if they’ll give some indication as to where Fiyero and Elfaba go at the end. My head-canon for a while was (and still is kind of) that they went through a portal, like on Once Upon a Time. For a while I wondered if they were legitimately going to end up in Storybrooke (but Zelena appeared–maybe in another part of the multiverse).

And now we wait until Thanksgiving (and until Thanksgiving 2025 for the second half). Just remember to consider the Apple Pie Metaphor when seeing this movie, but I choose to withhold judgment until I've seen the movie itself. Not sure anything will measure up to Idina Menzel, but that's okay. I'll make a point of seeing it anyway.

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