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5 Gospel Truths that C.S. Lewis Got Right


It is obvious that C.S. Lewis writings is symbolic of Christianity in all his work. After his conversion to Christianity in the early 1930’s he wrote his magnum opus The chronicles of Narnia in the 1950’s where he intended the stories to appeal to children as well as adults to convey a larger message of Jesus Christ.

In this post we will go over 5 truths that C.S. Lewis wrote in The Chronicles of Narnia that we believe to be true as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

The Horse and His Boy: Judging Others

Shasta, the main protagonist, is asking Aslan why he injured his friend, Aravis, and Aslan replies by saying I tell no one any story, but his own. Before Telling Shasta this Aslan also told him I am telling you your story, not hers [Aravis]. No one is told any story but their own. What can we learn from Shasta’s experience with the lion? That God will tell us what he expects from us, and we should not be focus on judging others sins. Most of us are not called to be judges (unless given authority) therefore we should not judge others.

In Matthew chapter 7 Jesus concludes the sermon on the mount by saying:

1.  Judge not, that ye be not judged.

2. For with what judgement ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.

3. And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

4. Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye?

5. Thou Hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.

We read later on when Aslan talked to Aravis that he injured her because she needed to learn humility and empathy --- specifically for the maid that she caused to be punished when she ran away from home.

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe: Identity

By the end of the four Pevensie siblings adventure Aslan pronounced them as Kings and Queens of Narnia. The Sons and Daughters of Adam and Eve can become Kings and Queens from the most high God. The fundamental principle we can learn from this is that our identity is more than a label we put on myself. We are all Children and heirs of our Heavenly Father and he is promising us to become Kings and Queens as we follow Him.

This reminds me of President Nelson talk he gave in a broadcast to the saints of Jesus Christ:

No identifier should displace, replace, or take priority over these three enduring designations:

·  Child of God

·  Child of the covenant

·  Disciple of Jesus Christ

Your potential is divine. With your diligent seeking, God will give you glimpses of who you may become.

Narnia: Stewardship and Environmentalism

In Prince Caspian, Caspian uncle King Miraz is destroying the ways of Narnia. Animals that were captured were forced not to speak and eventually forgets how to speak. Also, in the Last Battle Shift, an ape, attempts to deceive the inhabitants of Narnia to believe that Puzzle, a donkey, is Aslan. With the confusion and disbelief the destruction of Narnia came to be and Narnia became no more. This message reminds me that we are environmental stewards of this beautiful earth. We have been instructed to take care of this earth.

Doctrine and Covenants 49:19-21:

19. For, behold, the beasts of the field and the fowls of the air, and that which cometh of the earth, is ordained for the use of man for food and for raiment, and that he might have abundance.

20. But it is not given that one man should possess that which is above another, wherefore the world lieth in sin.

21. and wo be unto man that sheddeth blood or that wasteth flesh and hath no need.

Under Environmental stewardship and Conservation it says:

God has made us accountable for the care and preservation of the earth and the wise use of its resources. As stewards, we avoid complacency and excessive consumption, using only what is necessary. We make our homes, neighborhoods, and cities beautiful. We preserve resources and protect for future generations the spiritual and temporal blessings of nature.

As members of the Church of Jesus Christ we are taught to try our best to make our homes, neighborhoods, and cities the best.

The Last Battle: Death and Resurrection and Judgement (**Spoilers**)

While Shift was deceiving people with Puzzle being Aslan, he gets Dwarfs to join his side and after everyone dies Lucy is sad about the outcome of the Dwarfs and wants them to come with her to new Narnia.

“Aslan,” said Lucy through her tears, “could you – will you – do something for these poor Dwarfs?”

“Dearest,” said Aslan, “I will show you both what I can, and what I cannot, do.” He came close to the Dwarfs and gave a low growl: low, but it set all the air shaking. But the Dwarfs said to one another, “Hear that? That’s the gang at the other end of the stable. Trying to frighten us. They do it with a machine of some kind. Don’t take any notice. They won’t take us in again!”

Aslan raised his head and shook his mane. Instantly a glorious feast appeared on the Dwarfs’ knees: pies and tongues and pigeons and trifles and ices, and each Dwarf had a goblet of good wine in his right hand. But it wasn’t much use. They began eating and drinking greedily enough, but it was clear that they couldn’t taste it properly. They thought they were eating and drinking only the sort of things you might find in a stable. One said he was trying to eat hay and another said he had got a bit of an old turnip and a third said he’d found a raw cabbage leaf. And they raised golden goblets of rich red wine to their lips and said “Ugh! Fancy drinking dirty water out of a trough that a donkey’s been at! Never thought we’d come to this.” But very soon every Dwarf began suspecting that every other Dwarf had found something nicer than he had, and they started grabbing and snatching, and went on to quarreling, till in a few minutes there was a free fight and all the good food was smeared on their faces and clothes or trodden under foot. But when at last they sat down to nurse their black eyes and their bleeding noses, they all said:

“Well, at any rate there’s no Humbug here. We haven’t let anyone take us in. The Dwarfs are for the Dwarfs.”

“You see,” said Aslan. “They will not let us help them. They have chosen cunning instead of belief. Their prison is only in their own minds, yet they are in that prison; and so afraid of being taken in that they cannot be taken out.”

We believe in multiple kingdoms of glory and the highest kingdom is where God dwells. God will judge us perfectly and will place us where we will be most happy. That is why we are asked to repent and obey his commandments that when our judgement comes we will be happy to dwell with God knowing that our sins are cleaned by Jesus Christ.

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe: Jesus Christ Resurrection

The most important truth of them all is that Jesus Christ lives today. As we all know Aslan represents Jesus Christ and when Edmund was supposed to be killed because he broke the laws of the land, Aslan volunteered as tribute. Aslan was sacrificed and became resurrected again because 

When a willing victim who had committed no treachery was killed in a traitor’s stead . . . death itself would start working backwards

When Aslan is resurrected, he became a life-giving being. Breathing new life into those that turned to stone. This religion would not be possible if it was not for the breath of the savior’s resurrection.

           3 Nephi 11:10-17

10 Behold, I am Jesus Christ, whom the prophets testified shall come into the world.

11 And behold, I am the light and the life of the world; and I have drunk out of that bitter cup which the Father hath given me, and have glorified the Father in taking upon me the sins of the world, in the which I have suffered the will of the Father in all things from the beginning.

12 And it came to pass that when Jesus had spoken these words the whole multitude fell to the earth; for they remembered that it had been prophesied among them that Christ should show himself unto them after his ascension into heaven.

13 And it came to pass that the Lord spake unto them saying:

14 Arise and come forth unto me, that ye may thrust your hands into my side, and also that ye may feel the prints of the nails in my hands and in my feet, that ye may know that I am the God of Israel, and the God of the whole earth, and have been slain for the sins of the world.

15 And it came to pass that the multitude went forth, and thrust their hands into his side, and did feel the prints of the nails in his hands and in his feet; and this they did do, going forth one by one until they had all gone forth, and did see with their eyes and did feel with their hands, and did know of a surety and did bear record, that it was he, of whom it was written by the prophets, that should come.

16 And when they had all gone forth and had witnessed for themselves, they did cry out with one accord, saying:

17 Hosanna! Blessed be the name of the Most High God! And they did fall down at the feet of Jesus, and did worship him.

These are 5 truths that I find important as I read Narnia. There are many more truths spread out the series and his others works. No wonder he is quoted so much in general conference.

What truths Have you found while reading The Chronicles of Narnia?

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