Monday, August 29, 2022

Strange New Worlds: My First Foray into Star Trek

I grew up the son of a Trekkie (my dad literally had dozens of VHS tapes with recorded Star Trek episodes) but I’d never watched a Star Trek series start to finish, only episodes here and there. But last month at a guys’ night, someone wanted to watch an episode of Strange New Worlds. We ended up watching two episodes that night and I was hooked.

One of my best friends described Strange New Worlds as a return to what traditional Star Trek felt like. Instead of lengthy plots and story arcs throughout the season, we got individual, one-episode stories. Sure, there are threads running through the season, but you could get by watching an episode here and there if you didn’t want to watch everything. 

That being said, we had several overarching plots throughout the season: Pike’s vision, Spock’s engagement, La’an’s past with the Gorn, Una’s homeworld, and M’Benga’s daughter, to name a few. As a father my heart broke for M’Benga and the misfit in me felt a tug toward Una’s discrimination. With only one season of Strange New Worlds so far, it’s a great place to start your adventure with the Federation. It’s short (for now) and it gives you a sampling of what to expect in other series.

If you’re like me, this only leaves you with one problem: Where do I go next now that I’m done with Strange New Worlds

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