Friday, February 25, 2022

What’s the Cytoverse?

(Spoiler free. You’ll find all of this out in the first part of the first book.)

First of all, it’s Cytoverse (say it like Sai-to-verse) and this is not part of Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere. And like most of Brandon’s works, there’s not just a standalone book or even trilogy. There’s a trilogy with a bunch of novellas from other characters’ perspectives, just to keep things interesting. Partly because it’s cool to see things from someone else’s point of view, but also because BrandoSando has superhuman levels of concentration and typing speed.

Let’s start at the beginning, or more correctly, where this story begins in Skyward. Humans are trapped on a planet with an ongoing barrage of alien ships attacking them and keeping them from really growing. The heroes of these people become pilots and fight off the aliens, and nobody even knows why since all of the leadership were killed off. (I actually think that some of this is just a little too convenient, even for a Young Adult novel. It’s still a fun read, though. Superhuman abilities, spies, political intrigue, etc. It's a fun trip!)

Spensa is the main character of this series. Her dad was one of those great heroic pilots until… something happened, and now he’s gone and she’s looked down on by everyone for being the daughter of a traitor. Spensa, however, basically wants to stick it to the man and become a great pilot anyway, paving her own destiny, but how could anyone trust her after everything that’s happened?

Spensa can also hear the stars, which is definitely not normal for them. I kind of wish I could hear the stars.


(Spoilers below)


Cytonics can communicate telepathically to other cytonics and apparently teleport, which is really cool. We’re also talking about teleporting across the galaxy if desired, which sounds even cooler. Other cytonics have other abilities, and we’re really not sure how they all work.

The thing is, what if someone managed to get absolute control over all of the cytonics and used that power to have galactic control over planetary systems? Imagine if one entity controlled all of the trade and travel between all of the countries on the planet. That’s a game changer, right?

Spensa also reminds a lot of Vin from the Mistborn series. She’s got great instincts and is willing to jump into danger and think on her feet well enough to stay alive. If you’re looking for a lighter, happier version of Mistborn for some teens or you don’t want to commit to Mistborn and the entire cosmere, this is a great place to start.


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