Monday, February 14, 2022

5 Times Monica and Chandler were #RelationshipGoals

Happy Valentine’s Day! It might be a greeting card industry holiday at this point, but I still enjoy it. To celebrate this year, I wanted to spotlight one of television's best couples. There are many reasons why Chandler and Monica (Mondler) rank best on my favorite tv couples. I’m just going to cover a few of my favorite Mondler moments.

“I like maintaining you.”

Okay maybe I’m starting off with this one because I feel high maintenance, but I love how Chandler accepts Monica as she is, faults and all. Yes, he teases her about being compulsively neat, but he also loves her and encourages her to embrace her passions. She might have been high maintenance, but it’s sweet how Chandler just wants to be there to help her. (Episode 6x12, “The One With The Joke”)

Monica’s dream wedding dress

It literally took tackling another woman onto the floor, but Monica found her perfect wedding dress. Unfortunately, said woman manipulated her into giving up the dress by stealing Chandler’s dream band. But after learning why Chandler loved the Swing Kings so much, Monica gave up her dress to get the band. (Episode 7x17, “The One With The Cheap Wedding Dress”)

“She's a mother... without a baby…”

Due to a mix up during the adoption process, Monica and Chandler got the call about a baby instead of a preacher/doctor couple. They tried to play the part at first, but their consciences got the better of them. As the birth mother was turning them away for lying, Chandler gave the most heartfelt speech about Monica and why she deserved the baby. Having seen my wife dream of being a mother, I know what Chandler was talking about. (Episode 10x09, “The One With The Birth Mother”)

Not sweating the small stuff

I know I could do better at letting the small stuff go. And with Monica and Chandler it wasn’t even that small. Monica had opened all of their wedding presents without him. And Chandler had kissed another bride to cover up losing the reception pictures. Instead of holding a grudge towards each other for their mistakes, they half-jokingly said “Call it even?” and moved on with life. We could all do with being more forgiving like that. (Episode 8x02, “The One With The Red Sweater”)

“Welcome to an adult relationship!”

The biggest thing I love about Monica and Chandler is they never split up. Sure, there are plenty of people who break up but still end up marrying each other in the end. But it’s refreshing to have a TV couple that doesn’t need the break-up/make-up cycle to fuel their plot. Chandler thought early on that one fight meant he and Monica were done, but that’s just when they began to grow together as a couple. Sure, they’d have lots of other issues with career, infertility, and adoption (to name a few things), but they stay as a team right through the end. (Episode 5x05, “The One With The Kips”)

Few TV couples compare to Monica and Chandler. But some others that come close might include Turk and Carla, Jim and Pam, and Sawyer and Juliet. But regardless of TV couples or marital status, have a happy Valentine’s Day from us!

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