Friday, February 11, 2022

Moon Prism... Inadequacies?

(Guest Post by Mike)

Without shame I can say I love Sailor Moon. It was the first anime I ever watched, and it began what would be a lifelong love of animation, and Japanese culture. Not only did I enjoy watching Sailor Moon because of its quirky story line of super-heroines saving the world from countless evils, I related to many of the characters’ struggles behind the scenes. Take for example Usagi. Who would have ever thought she would become a heroine, and leader of the Sailor Scouts? In her normal, mundane life she was, frankly, a selfish idiot. She cried, whined and complained all the time, and was seemingly hopeless. However, she was chosen to be Sailor Moon, who, when in need, is always able to lead her team to victory. Luna saw in her what she did not see in herself, the potential to be something more. No, Usagi was not perfect, nor was she particularly brave, but her heart was pure. Sometimes a willingness to do good, along with diligent work on our part is all that is needed to fulfill our purpose. It is so easy to fall into a pit of despair when things do not go our way. How many times were the scouts nearly defeated by their enemies? Many, yet they always persevered.

As I have reflected during all these years of watching Sailor Moon, seeing her struggles, the weight of her responsibilities, and need to maintain a normal appearance to the word, I have often felt solidarity with her. Why have I been chosen for a particular calling? Why me? Will I be good enough? Surely there must be someone better suited, right? I could not help but see the similarities when studying Come, Follow Me in the past weeks, especially when learning about Enoch. When the Lord speaks to Enoch, he replied “Why is it that I have found favor in thy sight, and am but a lad, and all the people hate me; for I am slow of speech; wherefore am I thy servant? (Moses 6:31). Similar words have been spoke by other Prophets such as Moses, Nephi, and Joseph Smith. These were men that were called of God, to preach his word, yet they felt inadequate and unprepared. I know I felt have this very way in callings I have received, and I would be lying if I didn’t have fears about possible future callings. In fact, I think sometimes I unconsciously sabotage my spiritual progression to escape being considered for other callings.

We are often our hardest critics. What friends, family, and even the Lord see in us, maybe much more than we see in ourselves. Luna knew of Usagi’s potential. Would it be a rough and bumpy ride? Absolutely, but she knew what Usagi was able to become. Just as the Lord believed in Enoch, Moses, and other prophets who did not believe in themselves, we must learn to trust those who can see us for who we really are, and what we can become. Usagi was an imperfect crybaby, nonetheless, she was called to be Sailor Moon. It is curious to note that the feelings of inadequacies did not end with Usagi. Each of the scouts had their personal struggles, and development arcs, but those are posts for another time. 

Never doubt who you are, and what your true potential is. Sure, we will not be transforming into super heroes with lasers shooting out of our hands, or magical tiaras, but the Lord has a work for us to do. Let us always be ready to raise our hand and shout “Moon Prism Power” when we are called. If Usagi can save the world, you too can choose to reach your highest potential.

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