Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Sorting Boy Meets World into Hogwarts Houses

My wife and I recently finished re-watching Boy Meets World for the second time since Disney Plus came out. We both grew up with this 90s classic and (though Cory is insufferable at times) we love it. Now as we start Girl Meets World again (which we also love for bringing a piece of Boy Meets World to Disney Channel), I wanted to take a look at six of our favorite characters and give them the Hogwarts sorting treatment. Over the course of seven seasons, Boy Meets World had many main characters between Feeny, Minkus, Turner, and others. But I've decided to focus on the six main characters of the last few seasons.

Cory Matthews - Hufflepuff

I've already called Cory insufferable, so it kind of pangs me to put him in my beloved Hufflepuff house. But Cory's defining traits always come back to loyalty and fairness. When Shawn left for the Center, Cory did everything he could to bring his friend back. When Topanga lost faith in love, Cory stood by her, even though she didn't that. We see it again in Girl Meets World as he stands by his students (well, at least Riley and her friends), 

Topanga Lawrence - Ravenclaw

Putting Topanga in Ravenclaw is probably the most obvious answer. But it's so accurate. The hippie Topanga we see earlier on is definitely reminiscent of my favorite Ravenclaw, Luna Lovegood. Even after hippie Topanga was written out in favor of quirky/intellectual Topanga, who's more like Hermione. But even though they're similar, I still maintain that Topanga belongs in Ravenclaw. She excelled at intellectual endeavors, not just in school, even though she did get into Yale. And honestly, as she became a lawyer in Girl Meets World, she ends up using her logical, sharp wisdom for every day life.

Shawn Hunter - Gryffindor

In many ways Shawn could also go in Slytherin or Hufflepuff, but I think it takes a particularly brave person to rise above their family of origin. Don't get me wrong, his dad went through a lot of development over the series, but Shawn's family was still broken. Instead of falling into the same traps as his father (alcoholism, among other things), he did the hard thing and excelled more than he ever thought possible. And maybe it's just that my dad did the same thing as a young adult, but it takes a particularly daring and chivalrous man to become a step-dad (at least any particularly decent step-dad) in Girl Meets World. Also, let's not forget when he protected his friend Claire from her physically (and probably emotionally) abusive father.

Angela Moore - Gryffindor

Like Shawn, it took Angela a lot of courage to rise above her family situation. She had an honorable father, but a non-existent mother. In the final two seasons, it was scary for her to trust Shawn and plunge into that relationship, scared she would be like her mother. This fear later came up in Girl Meets World when her husband wanted to start a family. It was Shawn who encouraged her to take a chance and be brave both times. I would have loved to have seen her become a mother at the end of Girl Meets World, just to bring her story full circle.

Eric Matthews - Hufflepuff

He's definitely a two-sided character, as he's calm and collected in earlier seasons, but progresses to an insane goof in later seasons. Honestly, I like his goofy Hufflepuff side better. He's the one that proves loyal to everyone in their War, even though none of his friends were loyal to him. It was Eric who brough them all back together and stopped the "what if" scenario from happening. He was so loyal to Tommy that it tore him up inside to send him away. It's why he ended up being in politics in Girl Meets World, because he cared about the people and their issues. This is why I love Eric, even if he is insane.

Jack Hunter - Slytherin

Even though he ended up as a sleezy business tycoon in Girl Meets World, I'm not saying Jack's an evil Slytherin. I've sorted plenty of good guys into Slytherin, like Toph, Mulan, and Hook. That being said, Jack does let his greed get the better of him quite often (remember Eric's fifth sense or He's also incredibly conceited, as he used his 6% body fat to get attention. These traits are very stereotypically Slytherin. His cunning, ambition, and family loyalty ring true for any fellow Slytherins. All the same, he still uses these traits for good at times too.

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