Wednesday, January 26, 2022

5 People that are Probably Time Lords

Even though the Time Lords have been destroyed (twice now), there’s always a chance more Time Lords exist elsewhere in the universe still. We know about the Doctor and the Master, it’s also possible the Hermit, the Curator, the Monk, and Jenny are still about, as they’ve been known to be off-world. But even though the population of a whole species is likely down to single digits, that won’t stop fans from creating head-canons about other potential Time Lords.

Mary Poppins

I’ve written about this before, but Disney’s beloved Mary Poppins is remarkably similar to the Eleventh Doctor in many ways. Her demeanor for one thing, whimsical at times but also serious. But also she lived on a cloud. Again, let’s bring in her bigger-on-the-inside bag, which is obviously Time Lord technology.

Santa Claus

This one was hinted at by the Doctor himself. Actually, the Ninth Doctor hinted at being Santa. In “The Doctor Dances”, in his joyous musings, he told Rose that he might be, off-handedly referencing her 12-year-old Rose’s Christmas present. Also, a prayer to Santa Claus brought the Eleventh Doctor to young Amelia Pond–though he later said he knew Santa as “Jeff”. But in contradiction to all of that, the Twelfth Doctor also claimed Santa Claus appearing was ridiculous in “Last Christmas”. So who knows? But it would explain why the story of Santa Claus has persisted long since Saint Nicholas; he keeps regenerating.

Willy Wonka

Starting with the fact that his Glass Elevator could be a TARDIS, let’s also look at how Willy Wonka’s eccentric fashion wouldn’t look out of place on the Doctor. In addition to his style and his elevator, let’s also look at the Oompa Loompas. These humanoid creatures came from the mysterious Loompaland. Silly as the name sounds, it could be an alien world whose population Wonka saved. 

Miss Frizzle

I miss the Magic School Bus. It’s how I remember anything about the human immune system and photosynthesis. Miss Frizzle is another with whacky fashion choices. And her school bus, with how it changes shape and travels so quickly through space, might as well be a TARDIS. And with how Time Lords aren’t supposed to interfere, she merely teaches children about their own world. Or maybe she's just River Song?

James Bond

Finally we’ve got the man with a license to kill. While that might be the Doctor’s style, that’s obviously not the case with all Time Lords. I mean, just look at Rassilon. He was willing to kill the Doctor multiple times (and all of Earth). And speaking of Rassilon, don’t forget who he was played by in “The End of Time”, a previous incarnation of James Bond. Coincidence? Probably, but it’s good fodder for a head-canon.

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