Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Sorting Team Avatar into Hogwarts Houses

After Avatar the Last Airbender hit Netflix during quarantine, I took the opportunity to watch the series (and Legend of Korra) for the first time from start to finish. So in honor of Team Avatar, I wanted to give them the Hogwarts sorting treatment. Credit to fellow writer Joe for helping me come up with these sortings--some of these statements are even taken directly from our Facebook chat about it.

Aang - Hufflepuff

In some ways Aang is very Gryffindor about being the Avatar, running into danger and being careless with his actions (just ask the cabbage guy). However, Aang's main drive is to do what's right, especially after he fails so hard at first by abandoning his responsibilities. He came back after 100 years into the war ready to be a better man, even when it meant sparing his mortal enemy. This kindness and fairness puts him in Hufflepuff.

Sokka - Gryffindor

I don’t think this one should surprise anyone. I’m not sure any character in any franchise is as daring as Sokka. Ready to jump into battle at a moment’s notice, he’s a Gryffindor through and through. He’s got nerve, just ask Katara. He even broke into an unbreakable prison to rescue the girl he loved.

Katara - Ravenclaw

Katara was constantly seeking information and intel throughout their journey, from her procuring the waterbending scroll to training with her grandma's side piece, to her becoming a teacher in later years. She was the first of Team Avatar to reappear in Legend of Korra and she demonstrated absolute patience with Korra, helping her become a water bending master. Someone who sought such wisdom and creativity could only go to Ravenclaw.

Toph - Slytherin

Toph is motivated mainly by her need to be stronger. During the war, her desire to grow stronger was utilized for good. However, the quest for strength doesn’t come without its costs. She forsakes relationships, including with her daughters to drive her ambition. She quit the police force rather than be disgraced for getting her daughter off of possession charges.

Zuko - Slytherin

Another that shouldn’t surprise much of anyone. Yes, Zuko was a good guy in the end. And in Legend of Korra he had inherited much of Uncle Iroh’s wisdom. However, even as a good guy in Avatar, Zuko demonstrated cunning and resourcefulness that lends him to Slytherin. And then throw in his obsessive ambition to restore his honor.

Iroh - Hufflepuff

While Iroh could belong to any house, by the time we meet him his main goal is to show kindness, whether that's to Zuko or to random strangers, like Toph or the people of Ba Sing Se. He’d been damaged emotionally in the war and through the death of his son, so his loyalty wasn’t to the Fire Nation anymore. Instead, he wanted fairness and tolerance across all four nations. It should also be noted that a prime Hufflepuff trait is loyalty--Even after Zuko betrayed him, Iroh was loyal to Zuko, because he knew what was really in Zuko’s heart. Even if Zuko didn’t at the time.

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