Friday, August 6, 2021

Pokemon Nicknames: Harry Potter (Gen IV-VII)

We were out in Oklahoma staying at a cabin with family last month. With my daughter occupied by her cousins, I finally pulled out my Harry Potter book again, which I hadn't read in weeks. So with more Harry Potter on my mind, so are Harry Potter Pokemon names. So here are the second half of my Pokemon nicknames. If you missed the Gen I-III names, check them out

Glameow (or Purrloin) as Crookshanks

Serperior as Salazar

Sawsbuck (or Stantler) as Prongs

Galvantula (or Ariados) as Aragog

Braviary as Rowena

Froakie (or Politoed) as Trevor

Pyroar as Godric

Trevenant as Willow

Dartrix as Hedwig

Lycanroc as Moony

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