Wednesday, November 18, 2020

The Seven Most Insane Moments of The Boys, Season Two

Spoiler alert: This article contains major spoilers from The Boys Season Two, which is totally insane!

And yes, I mean truly insane. The only thing crazier than the supes is Billy Butcher himself! Well in honor of the Seven, grab a Fresca and read the top seven most insane moments of The Boys Season Two, available now on Amazon Prime.

7. A Nazi Stormfront

Well, if you think Homelander is bad, wait until you meet Stormfront! I mean, it's one thing to be racist. But they made her a Nazi, for Goebbels sake! I mean, she kills that guy in 1972 and says something racist. She kills Kenji and says something racist. She kills all those people in the projects, and just proves that she's racist. Girl has got to go! Maybe somebody should give her an Almond Joy?

6. Ryan gets pushed too far

There’s something about watching Homelander with Ryan that is so unnerving. Cute kid, super evil father. And Antony Starr nails that queer feeling like a boss. But when he pushes Ryan off the roof to see if he can fly? And then Ryan just plops on the ground? What made Becca’s screams and pleas for help even more disconcerting were Homelander’s easygoing attitude about the whole situation. Ugh, talk about unsettling!

5. Lamplighter’s lamplight goes out

Okay, I still think of Shawn Ashmore as Iceman from X-Men. But instead of freezing things, Lamplighter burns things. We all saw that he was going crazy, he was depressed, his mental health was deteriorating. And we knew something big was going to happen. But self-immolation? While Hughie just stood by watching helplessly? That was sad. Burn, baby, burn.

4. The Deep talks to his gills

Things with the Deep are always a little weird. I mean, the guy talks to fish. But talking to his own gills? That’s just super strange. And having Remy from Ratatouille voice his gills? Now that’s just the icing on the cake. But hey, whatever helps him develop some body positivity, amirite? (As long as we don't get a similar scene from Love Sausage. Yikes!)

3. Everybody loses their head

Like, literally. We watched as Jennifer Esposito’s head exploded out of nowhere just as she was about to reveal Some Important Information. I may have choked on my buffalo spice popcorn at that moment. But when the entire courtroom had heads exploding left and right? And then people were slipping on the brains and blood and gore? Oh my goodness, cleanup on aisle seven! Court is adjourned.

2. Girls Get It Done

In the a show called The Boys, it's refreshing to see girls doing the pummelling. And what makes it a truly girl power moment, none of the women use any of their superpowers. When Maeve shows up, she joins Starlight and Kimiko and they just throw punch after kick after uppercut to the Kraut. It's powerful and raw, and so simple. Indeed, they really did stick their boot up Stormfront's Nazi kitty! (Huh?)

1. The boys impale a whale!

This whole sequence was just insane. It was crazy-stupid when stole that ill-fated dolphin in season one. But the sperm whale? It was epic to see him riding Lucy in. But then when it’s clear that Butcher is going to ram the whale? Oh my goodness, that was just outrageous! And darkly humorous to see Hughie covered in whale entrails (always with the entrails), just taking a break from life inside Lucy, like a modern day Pinocchio.

There you have it! Seven insane moments. Makes you wonder if Pippi Longstocking used Compound V...

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