Thursday, November 5, 2020

Every once in a while both suns shine on a womp rat's tail

Warning: minor spoilers for Season Two of The Mandalorian.

There's a scene towards the beginning of the first episode of the second season of The Mandalorian ("Chapter 9: The Marshal") where a pack of massiffs threaten Mando and the Marshal. Mando surprises everybody by yelling and grunting, and we quickly realize that he is speaking Tusken, a rough language. The pack of massiffs is immediately sedated, and Mando pets the animals as if they were tame puppies. In many ways, Jon Favreau, the creator-writer-director-actor-producer-genius of The Mandalorian, is just like Mando, speaking an uncouth language to calm the angry masses. And yes, the massiffs are the rabid Star Wars fans, who seemingly can never be pleased. But Favreau manages to do it! 

The newest episode of The Mandalorian really disappoints in some ways. No big questions are answered, the overall story doesn't really progress, and the episode really kind of rehashes some of the same themes from the first seasons. Heck, Baby Yoda is barely in the episode! But somehow, despite some choices that may seem like disappointments, the episode is truly terrific! Favreau knows what Star Wars fans want, and he delivers. It's rough and it's a little unrefined, but it definitely satisfied this Star Wars fan! When you watch the first episode, you'll get a healthy dose of action, world building, and lines like "If this thing ever divides or buds, I will gladly pay for the offspring." 

Season Two promises to be really great. The fans are pleased. Boba Fett is in play. And we are ready for some real answers. Season One was something special and really surprised everybody as the first live action Star Wars television show. But as Qui-Gon Jinn said, "There's always a bigger fish." Season Two will outshine Season One ... kind of like a krayt dragon devouring a sarlacc. Here's hoping we get seven more episodes that answer lingering questions, provoke new intrigue, and have kick butt action sequences. Is it too much to hope for a second season that outdoes a first season? Like how an empire striking back outdoes a new hope?

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