Friday, October 30, 2020

Salty Dinner Theater - Returning the Flavoring to Life

 In the Beforetime, you would buy a ticket for an evening. Dinner would be served and as you ate the performers would put on a play among the tables, singing and cracking jokes with the audience. Mark Anthony, the Phantom of the Opera, Frankenstein and Annie were all parodied with modern jukebox melodies while the audience sang along and had a wonderful time. 

This was Salty Dinner Theater. 

And they're back. 

Live Studio Audience

Salty Dinner Theater is a dinner troupe that performs in restaurants across the Wasatch front. Tickets are bought ahead of time, and dinner is of course included. These events were enjoyed by my family and friends on at least a quarterly basis, with us singing right along with the performers. I developed a reputation over time with a couple performers and my friends for knowing all the lines to the "Time Warp". 

Now live performances and restaurants packed with customers is for the moment not an option, so for the last year the dinner shows have been cancelled. Imagine my delight though when the announcement came that they found a way to perform- in a safe environment. 

The Drive-In Concept

The answer was a drive-in. The Salty Dinner Theater turned their entire performance into a drive-in experience. The performers stay outside the cars, masked just in case, and the audience watches safely inside. Attending felt like the old days. It felt like for a moment everything in the world was alright. There was music and laughter again. For one night the world was as it should be. 

Salty Dinner Theater is now back with a vengeance, planning next year's performances. Salty Dinner has proven that they're willing and able to upt on safe performances, so believe me we're going to be jumping on as soon as tickets go on sale. Right now it's important to both stay safe and find ways to connect with others, even if it's through a radio and a windshield. Salty Dinner Theater gave my family and I a shard of joy we needed right now, and that's definitely worth its salt. 

For tickets and upcoming events go to Salty Dinner Theater's website here. 

This post was not sponsored by Salty Dinner Theater. 

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