Wednesday, October 7, 2020

5 Best Halloween Movies On Disney+ (That Aren’t Hocus Pocus)

So while I grew up loving Disney, my Halloween was a little... darker.... so I don't have the same nostalgia goggles my contemporaries have for Hocus Pocus or Halloweentown, so excuse me if they didn't make the list. These however are five Halloween(ish?) movies that I know and love that you can find on my favorite streaming service, Disney+.  

Nightmare Before Christmas 

Can't go wrong with a Tim Burton classic. A deconstruction of my favorite holiday Halloween and my least favorite holiday Christmas makes for a beautiful blend of the best both have to offer. The animation stands strong to this day, the iconic look has become a staple of Halloween decorating. Add the iconic songs that you can sing all year round and you have a yearly must-see. 

And if you tell me it's a Christmas movie I'll send a man-eating jack-in-the-box to your house. 

Treehouse of Horror

Disney bought the Simpsons, which means all of the Halloween specials are in one place and can be watched at any time. These are a delight to watch, even the arguably worse later seasons did justice to the Treehouse of Horror. Early episodes include a reading of The Raven by Poe and a parody of Nightmare on Elm Street. Later installments feature a tribute to Orson Well's War of the Worlds and a zombie story where the only way to stop the walking dead is drinking Bart's bath water. Laugh, maybe scream, but definitely laugh while you watch it. 


During October, Disneyland is taken over by the villains, so it's only fitting that a movie starring the Dame of All Evil ends up on this list. Maleficent is the Sleeping Beauty story told from the side of the villain, and it is a beautiful character story on an infamous bad guy and a fun revelry in all things dark and evil. Maleficent is a great movie all year round, but pay tribute to your inner villain and check it out in October. 

Ichabod and Mr. Toad

A headless ghost and two friends who end up in hell? How much more Halloween can you get without carving a pumpkin while watching it? This is a scary cartoon that still holds up against the best modern Disney movies. I still get chills when Ichabod looks down the empty neck hole and hears a laugh emanating from within. Show it to your kids and watch them jump. 

Fantasia (The Last Segment) 

Okay don't watch the while thing unless you want to. It's a good movie but what I'm focusing on is the last segment, A Night on Bald Mountain. This is the one with the big scary demon (Known to Disney fans as Chernabog) coming out of a mountain and sending out his scary demons and ghosts into the world. The scene is short but is incredibly memorable, with the unique monsters dancing and reveling in the night. It does wrap up with a beautiful rendition of Ave Maria, leaving off with the message that despite how scary the dark can be the light will always come through. 


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