Sunday, November 20, 2016

Spoiler-Free Fantastic Beasts Review

So just when we all thought JK Rowling was done she decided to roll out “The Cursed Child” and “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” (and two more movies to come). So now I’m gonna go ahead and give you, as best I can, a spoiler-free review on this new addition to the Harry Potter world. As I’ve said in previous reviews, I’ll avoid spoilers, but if you’re super sensitive to spoilers, just know that this movie is very recommended to any Potterhead out there, no matter which house you belong to. #Gryffindor #Thunderbird

Side note for Whovians: Picture Newt Scamander
as the Doctor as you watch the movie. I'm partly
convinced he's a future incarnation of the Doctor.
I really liked how this movie made a clean introduction to the American wizarding world. Taking this movie from the perspective of Newt Scamander, we got the same British perspective that we’ve had since the first Harry Potter book. Slowly we were introduced to the American wizarding world, drawing comparisons between Muggles and No-Majs (I still don’t like that term), Hogwarts and Ilvermorny, and the Ministry of Magic and MACUSA (Magical Congress of the United States of America). A lot of these details were revealed previously on Pottermore (a good summary of the difference between British and Amereican can be found here). However, you don’t need to read Pottermore or that article to understand what’s going on. If you’re familiar with Harry Potter, you’re well on your way. Just get ready to learn some new vocab.

Also, for not knowing any of these characters beforehand, they did a good job of developing so many characters. It’s uncertain how many of them will reappear in the second movie, but I’m hopeful that at least some will return. Based on some information from Pottermore, I’m confident that at least a few will return, so that we can see some relationships play out.

Can we just talk about how cute the Niffler is?
Perhaps it was because this movie takes place in the Harry Potter universe, but I kind of expected the movie to be unresolved at the end, leading into a sequel. However, this movie was tied up wonderfully. If this had been the only movie, instead of a trilogy, I’d be satisfied. However, I could still see a couple loose-ish ends that could be pulled at and fleshed out for another movie. I have a hunch as to where the third movie will end, but that would involve spoilers regarding the end of this movie, so I’ll refrain. Feel free to message me if you want hear my theory.

Basically, as I said at the beginning, this movie is well worth watching for any Potterhead and possibly for non-Potterheads (I can’t say, because I’ve been a Potterhead for most of my life). Go and see it and then let me know what you think. What are you looking forward to seeing in the next Fantastic Beasts movie?

Just one of the "Fantastic Beasts"

PS: In the meanwhile, while we wait for movie #2, you can buy a copy of Newt Scamander's book (complete with doodles and notes from Harry and Ron) and learn about some of the magical creatures that may appear. 

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