Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Costumes of Halloweens Past

I’ve written before about my hobby of cosplaying. It started mostly with Halloweens and then it kind of evolved more into a Comic Con thing. Starting when my buddy Garrett got back from his mission in Chile, we started dressing up together. After he got married, I started dressing up with David. So here’s a glimpse of my past for you, to see what we’ve done over the past five Halloweens.

2012: Super Mario Brothers
Fake mustaches (though Garrett could have grown a real one), overalls, long sleeve shirts, and the hats. One of my favorite costumes I’ve done. Now if I could just figure out a better way to do the mustaches, I’d be good to go. We’ve reused these costumes for Mario Kart parties and for Comic Cons.

2013: The Two Doctors
After getting into Doctor Who, Garrett and I began collecting pieces for our Doctor costumes. Since he could grow sideburns, he got to be the Tenth Doctor and I lucked out finding the tweed jacket for the Eleventh Doctor. The Eleventh Doctor costume is one that I love reusing for Comic Con. We also used these costumes for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special when we saw it in theaters. Garrett’s girlfriend (now wife) joined us as a Dalek. Later, for a Comic Con, David joined me as the Ninth Doctor.

2014: A Charming Bromance
I had the inspiration after getting David into Once Upon a Time and growing to love Hook as a character. David and I premiered it at a Halloween party that year and had to show off a little at the Disney Store as well. We reused these costumes for FanX that spring, but I haven’t used it much, since I don’t like going through all the trouble of getting my makeup done.

2015: The Spirit of Adventure
David and I had the idea for this costume after meeting Dug at Disneyland a month before FanX and it wasn’t too hard to put together after that (I already had Carl’s tweed jacket from my Doctor costume after all). We premiered it at Comic Con and reused it for Halloween that fall. Best part was visiting some friends and my friend Julie was dressed as Kevin… so Kevin is a girl?

2016: Team Cap
We’d already done our Team Cap costumes for FanX this year and for the Comic Con screening of Civil War, so it was perfect to use for Halloween this year. Of course, since Marvel is owned by Disney, this warranted a trip to the Disney Store for the third year in a row.

Besides these, I’ve also dressed as Matt from Digimon for Comic Con. Now I’m already brainstorming what new costume I can debut at FanX in a few months. What do you think I should dress as for FanX and/or Halloween next year?

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