Saturday, November 5, 2016

Spoiler-Free Doctor Strange Review

It’s been a “strange” weekend already. And that’s also the fourth time I’ve used that pun, so I won’t do it again. Doctor Strange was amazing and just like with Civil War I’ll try to keep this review spoiler free. If you are super sensitive to spoilers, don’t read past this paragraph. Overall, this is a great movie for big fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it’s also a great movie for someone who’s never seen another Marvel movie before. As far as Marvel movies go, this one could be its own standalone movie as well as part of the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe. So, I’d recommend it to anyone, Marvel fan or not. Side note: There are two credits scenes, so don't leave until you've watched both bonus scenes.

As far as more specifics, I liked the comedic timing of this movie. There were a few times that the confusion about the mystic arts set up for some awkwardly funny situations. Just the fact that magic was about made it easy for some comedy to pop up occasionally. Comparing it to other Marvel Cinematic Universe movies on a scale of seriousness-silliness (from The Incredible Hulk to Guardians of the Galaxy), I’d put it around the same kind of humor as Ant-Man. And I loved Ant-Man.

It was interesting to see Benedict Cumberbatch’s character development throughout the movie. Previously I’d only seen him in “Sherlock” and “Star Trek Into Darkness”, so his characters were pretty one-sided in my opinion. Without going into much detail, it was cool to see him play such a spectrum of personality in one character. When I do my MCU post about this movie I’ll go into more depth, but suffice it to say that it was well done.

The movie also had some other great actors. Rachel McAdams (Christine Palmer) and Tilda Swinton (The Ancient One) were amazing. Like Cumberbatch, McAdams has proven to be a versatile actor, having played vastly different characters from Christine in “Mean Girls” (as Regina George) and “Sherlock Holmes” (as Irene Adler).  I’d also only seen Swinton in “The Chronicles of Narnia” (as the White Witch), so it was nice to see her in a different kind of role. These two women were probably my favorite characters in the movie. Deep and developed, despite not being the main character.

What was your favorite part of Doctor Strange? If you haven’t seen it yet, go buy your ticket and go see it. You won’t regret it.

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