Tuesday, April 5, 2016

SLC Comic Con FanX 2016

Salt Lake City Comic Con Fan Experience was this last weekend at the Salt Palace. It began with the Press Conference and (for me) it ended with the Matt Smith photo op. A lot happened, but I'll just give you some of my highlights and favorite tidbits.

Press Conference selfie with the Doctor
Press Conference: I got to ask Sylvester McCoy and Peter Davison a couple questions each. Super awesome experience! My hand wouldn't stop shaking when I met Peter Davison. From the questions I learned that both of them would count Patrick Troughton as their favorite Doctor, other than themselves, Sylvester would have liked for Ace to become Prime Minister after leaving the TARDIS (I'm not sure how I'd feel about that with all of Ace's explosives), and Peter's daughter was offered the role of Miss Foster from "Partners in Crime" before being offered the role of Jenny.

Asking my question to Peter Davison
Peter Davison Panel: I'll just go bullet-point-style on this one.
   He regrets killing off Adric
   Behind the scenes, he once dressed as Teegan
   He dropped Peri during the filming of "The Caves of Androzani"
   Big Finish Audio Dramas saved Doctor Who in the 90s.
   He has an autobiography coming out soon.
   His daughter auditioned for the role of Rose.
   "When David Tennant asks you to go to the theater, you say yes."
   He loves "The Empty Child"
   He'd have "Time-Flight" redone
   He'd take a cameo, like Tom Baker as the Curator, "in a shot!" He also commented that if the Curator is the Doctor, that means the rest of them are still in there too. (That one was my question)

Sylvester McCoy's interactive panel
Sylvester McCoy Panel: He got up and walked around the crowd. He has amazing comedic timing. Just a super fun and unique panel. Also, he'd also be up for a cameo in a Doctor Who, like the Curator.

Disneyland--Sixty Years of Magic: Biggest thing I got is SLOW DOWN. Don't worry so much about doing everything. Worry about absorbing the magic.

Captain America Panel: I was expecting more about the MCU. I wasn't expecting to get inspired to read the comics. I think I learned that one reason I love Cap is because he's such an inspirational character.

Ultimate Doctor Who Experience!
Ultimate Doctor Who Experience: Panel with Sylvester McCoy, Peter Davison, Alex Kingston, and Matt Smith. So... Bullet points again.
   Alex Kingston would love to be the next regeneration of Missy.
   My question: Which classic companions would theyhave back? Sylvester said Ace, Peter said Teegan, Alex said Jo, and Matt said K9.
   Matt: "Physics are cool."
   The things that made Matt, Peter, and Sylvester truly feel like the Doctor were facing the Daleks and running down corridors.

"Hello Sweetie"
Alex Kingston Panel: I'm just gonna go for bullets again.
   She also got offered the part of Miss Foster, the Adipose nanny.
   She cried when she first read "Silence in the Library"/"Forest of the Dead", which is what convinced her to take the role.
   She thinks River is Moffat's ideal woman.
   She liked Capaldi's TARDIS best.
   No one knew she was Amy and Rory's daughter until they were shooting, except for her.

Jason Isaacs Panel: I came in late, but I did note that he didn't know what curse he was using on Harry at the end of The Chamber of Secrets. It was just a spell that a crew member knew.
Hawkeye's in town
Jeremy Renner Panel: Someone asked a question about the rumor that had gone around Facebook about a Netflix series about Hawkeye. He said he hadn't been approached about it, but he wouldn't be opposed to it. I managed to get a question in for this one as well. I asked him if him and Black Widow being on opposing sides would affect things between them in Civil War. I felt accomplished in the fact that he had to actively walk around giving any spoilers for that.

Avengers Assemble!!!
Now for my other favorite part of Comic Con: Cosplayers! I love seeing the creativity of people. This time I went as Russell (from Up) on Thursday, Captain America (with my roommate David as Hawkeye and fellow Mormon Geek Adam as Thor) on Friday, and the 11th Doctor (with Adam as the 10th Doctor) on Saturday. To say it made my day would be an understatement, but I had a little girl ask me how I out together my Russell costume and how I made it and such. She'd recognized me from last fall! Anyway, it's just great! I'm really just a big kid playing dress up. It gives me a chance to be creative and I can't wait to see what cosplay I'll come up with for Comic Con this fall.
One of my favorite cosplays: Romana II!
I love seeing the more unique costumes. The Doctors, Batmans, Deadpools, and other common cosplays are great, but I love seeing the unique but easily recognizable characters. Some that I noted this time included Kuzco and Pacha (from Emperor’s New Groove), Jack and Chase Young (from Xialion Showdown), Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable (one of those had a Rufus too), Meg, Hercules, and Hades (from Hercules), Quailman (from Doug), Dr. New Cortez (from Crash Bandicoot), and Romana II (from Classic Doctor Who).

That's all I've got for now. What awesome cosplays did you see at Comic Con? Any suggestions for cosplays I should do for next Comic Con? In the meantime, look forward to another Marvel Cinematic Universe post next week. 

I managed to get him to wear the fez, ever so briefly

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