Tuesday, April 26, 2016

8 Things I'm Looking Forward to in Civil War

I was going to do something finals related, since I just got done my last proper finals week (Only one more class before I’m 100% done and it’s a writing class! Yay!) but I just got off a long grave shift, so I thought I’d do this instead: a list of things I’m excited for with Civil War.

Hard to believe it’s only TEN days until Captain America Civil War comes into theaters. David and I are already planning on dressing up in our Cap and Hawkeye costumes for a pre-screening (#teamcap) and my brother also bought tickets for when I visit them that weekend in Canada. PLUS, this is the first Marvel movie I’ll see in theaters after having seen all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. All of this and never mind the fact that it has great reviews already. So anyways, here I go.

1.      Lots of Super Heroes: So despite it being a “Captain America” movie, we’ve been told that it’s pretty much Avengers 2.5 and with the addition of new heroes (which I’ll get to later) it’s going to be quite the show. I almost feel like I’ve betrayed Cap by not focusing on him primarily as I get ready for the premiere.
2.      Black Panther: Slotted for his own movie in two years, I think Black Panther is one of the things that Marvel is hoping to use to sell this movie. He’s #teamironman but I’m intrigued by him anyway. I know little about him, so I won’t try to sound like I know more than I do, since I knew absolutely nothing about him prior to Marvel announcing him for Phase 3. Regardless, he looks like he’ll be pretty awesome.
3.      A Death? This one is just speculation, but with some basis. People keep telling me that since Captain America died in the comic book Civil War that he’s bound to die in the movie. I’m hoping that they’re wrong, but if it’s done well, I guess I could try to stomach it. However, another potential casualty could be War Machine. Based on the fact that Rhodey looks like he’s out cold in one of the trailers, it could be a possibility, though I doubt that Marvel would put a major death in the trailer. I guess we’ll see.
4.      Winter Soldier: Last we saw Bucky (aside from the post-credit scene in “Ant-Man”) he was dragging Cap out of the river at the end of “Captain America Winter Soldier”. It appears that he’s broken free of his brainwashing, so it’ll be interesting to see him play the hero part with his new Winter Soldier skills as opposed to the villain.
5.      General Ross: We haven’t seen the Ross family since “The Incredible Hulk”, the segment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that many people actively avoid. However, it is part of the MCU (like I said in my last post) and I’m interested to see what kind of role General Ross will play in Civil War. I hated him (as I was supposed to) in Hulk’s movie, so I guess we’ll see how things go with round 2.
6.      Ant-Man: I thoroughly enjoyed Scott Lang in his film, so I’m super excited to see him in Civil War. From one clip I just thought it was funny to see him fanboy over Captain America and being recruited.
7.      Spider-Man: I was super apprehensive when it was announced that Spider-Man had been obtained by Marvel and that they were going to include him in the MCU. Three castings since the turn of the century seems a bit much. Honestly, I was kind of hoping they’d bring Toby McGuire or Andrew Garfield back, even though I didn’t care for them. Just for continuity. Since they’re not doing another origin story, I’m willing to give it a shot (there’s only so many ways we can kill Uncle Ben). Especially since Tom Holland a year to grow into the role before his own movie, it’ll mean he can have some time to grow into the age we’ve been accustomed to seeing Peter Parker as.
8.      A Villain? I know this movie has been marketed and sounds like hero vs. hero, but I’m still wondering if there will be something more, kind of like (from what I’ve heard, since I haven’t seen it) Superman and Batman teaming up at the end of their movie. I’m hoping there’s something at the climax that forces Team Cap and Team Iron Man to work together.

And with that, let the countdown begin. After today we’re into the single digit days until Civil War. That’s only 2 Agents of SHIELD episodes. What!?

What are you looking forward to the most about Civil War? Who’s side are you on? As for me and my house, Team Cap!

If you're going to SLC Comic Con's pre-screening at
the Gateway Mall, Hawkeye and I will see you there

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