Friday, April 8, 2016

Highlights of FanX 16: A Photo Collage

I experienced so many fun things at FanX this year, and unfortunately have very little time to write about it. Though it goes without saying that I really enjoyed it, and I had a blast!

 So rather than putting together a report on it weeks or months later, I put together this photo collage to show the highlights of what I experienced.

Though it's different from the report I normally do, I hope you enjoy!

Joe, Spencer and me, as we wait for the press conference to begin

Cosplayers and children from the Make a Wish Foundation at the Press Conference

The celebrity guests who attended the Press Conference

Relaxing in the press room after the press conference,
while waiting for the other events of the day to start

Peter Davison, who plays the 5th Doctor in Doctor Who,
during his celebrity spotlight panel.

Spencer, at the mic to ask a question during the Peter Davison panel

The Geeky Parenting panel, which featured the Geeky Mormon,
Jake Dietz (third from the right)

Sylvester McCoy, who plays the 7th Doctor in Doctor Who,
walking around among the audience during his celebrity spotlight panel.

Levar Burton, host of Reading Rainbow,
and actor that plays Geordi LaForge
in Star Trek: the Next Generation,
 during his celebrity spotlight panel.

Stepping out of the TARDIS with my handy sonic screwdriver.

Me and a group of friends pose for a group picture at FanX

I found R2D2!

Gillian Anderson, who played Sculley on X Files,
during her spotlight panel

George Takei, best known for playing Hikaru Sulu in Star Trek,
during his spotlight panel

David, Spencer and me cosplaying as the Avengers

Me and Joe, in costume, at FanX

The contributing writers of Mormon Geeks who attended FanX this year

 Paying homage to the end of the first Avengers movie by eating shwaarma 
while cosplaying as the Avengers

A shot on the news of the Avengers saving the day in Utah

Thor ponders the question of which is mightier,
the sonic screwdriver or the magic hammer

Avengers Assemble...inside the TARDIS!?

Spencer and me, waiting for the start of the Doctor Who Ultimate XPerience

The celebrity guests and moderator for the Doctor Who Ultimate Xperience

Spencer gets to ask a question to the actors for three of the Doctors and the actress
for one companion at the Doctor Who Ultimate Xperience

Me cosplaying as Thor, and posing with Mjolnir,
at the end of the second day of FanX

The 10th Doctor has arrived

Alex Kingston, best known for playing River Song in Doctor Who,
during her celebrity spotlight panel

The Doctor seems surprised at how much bigger
the TARDIS is on the inside

Me cosplaying as the 10th Doctor inside the Infinity TARDIS

"Hello! I'm the Doctor!"

The 10th Doctor steps out of the TARDIS

The Doctors take on a dalek

Me and Spencer, cosplaying as the 10th and 11th Doctors

I think this is the 10th Doctor cosplaying as a jedi and the 11th Doctor
cosplaying as a Ghostbuster; either that, or whoever added the special effects
for the sonic screwdrivers couldn't figure out what they were or how they worked
Jerremy Renner, best known for playing Hawkeye in the Avengers movies,
during his celebrity spotlight panel

Me posing as a 10th Doctor action figure

The Doctor (me) and his newest companion (Katie), in the TARDIS

The 10th Doctor in his TARDIS, with his sonic screwdriver ready for anything that comes

The Star Trek: Who's Your Captain panel
(during which I stood up with a question/comment)

Spencer and I went in together for a photo op with Matt Smith 
(best known for playing the 11th Doctor in Doctor Who);
I'm going to say that I was going for a sneaky look in this picture, 

rather than being caught off-guard by the photographer

Me cosplaying as the 10th Doctor in one of his classic poses

The Doctor, ever ready with his sonic screwdriver

Three t-shirts I bought as souvenirs at FanX

Bookmarks of Superman, Green Lantern, and the 11th and 10th Doctors

These three pieces of Doctor Who fan art form a panoramic picture

The additions to my Doctor Who fan art

Star Trek and Star Wars fan art

Legend of Korra and Avatar: the Last Airbender fan art

New additions to my superhero fan art

I finally added the last book of a fantasy series to my collection
If you're reading this, you've made it to the end of my photo collage. I hope you enjoyed the pictures of my adventures at FanX this year.

And if you're curious, this year at FanX, though I'm not going to reveal how much I spent, I will let you know that I bought 14 new pieces of fan art (not counting 4 bookmarks, 3 t-shirts, a book and a photo op).

Now I'm looking forward to attending Salt Lake Comic Con, which is less than five months away!

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