Friday, August 2, 2013

Nephi: Book of Mormon Superhero

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Did any of you see the “Book of Mormon Movie”? Not the ones put out by the LDS Church. The one that actually went to a few theaters. I think it watches more like a comedy than the drama it purports to be.  I’ll never forget when Laman turns to Lemuel after hearing about going into the desert and says “This is an abomination!”

You know what? I think Nephi’s story instead needs to be made like a superhero movie. Think about it. Nephi-large in statue, a master of disguise, heart of gold, handy with a bow, he’s practically a superhero. He’s like Captain America before there was…America.

A superhero movie, however, is only as good as its cast. The question is, who to cast as the protagonist. Here are a few thoughts:

Chris Hemsworth

Could Thor put down his hammer and pick up a bow? He has already shown his ability to play big, epic characters and surely passes the “large in stature requirement”. He doesn’t look very Middle Eastern though.

Jeremy Renner

We already know that this guy knows his way around a bow and sneaking around cities unobserved. Both things you need in a potential Nephi.

Naveen Andrews

Not only does he better look the part, but he spent most of his career wandering around in the wilderness in LOST. He also proved he could both intense and kind, a combination which Nephi would need.

Just a few suggestions. Who would you add to the shortlist?

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